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Click 06-09: Stacks

I hope I am not late for the Click: Stacks photo event by Jugalbandits.

Stack O' cutlets? Nay!

Wanna take an Indian Cooking Challenge? Rava Laddoo

Rava Ladoo is something I learned after coming to US. My mom was not huge fan of it neither was my dad. My brother and I got to eat it once or twice a year when my grandma or one of my aunt would make for Diwali. Somehow I knew the proportions so tried and it came out extremely good "for the first try ;)". After making it successfully once, now I make it almost every year for Diwali for Laxmipujan prasad. Last year I wanted to make it vegan, so I tried without ghee added more fresh coconut to give it extra rich taste. Result was amazing. I will post that recipe soon.

But today its not about my recipe ;) but about Indian Cooking Challenge. A brainchild of Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons and Spice Your Life. You can read all about the challenge and the rules here -

As a starter, Srivalli posted her own recipe for rava laddoo. It was easy to follow as it has no step to make syrup, no kidding! I must h…

Taak Pohe

Buttermilk Pohe

This was, may be still is, my brother's signature dish for afternoon snack. He started cooking very early. My parents were very firm about the fact that they will teach all the survival skills to both of us. That included me learning to help my father in electrical/mechanical work around the house and my brother helping my mom in cooking. Other household chores were equally distributed. I started helping my mom out when I was in 5th grade so did my brother. But he started venturing into cooking elaborate dishes earlier than me. He started experimenting with various international cuisines after he started sailing and soon realized that he loves Maharashtrian way of cooking more than anything else. Very soon he started replicating various sabjis that mom, aunts, grandmas cook to the dot. He still cooks daily when he is home.

When we were young he would make this almost every evening and mastered art of making it. I now don't remember how he came up with…

एकसे भले दो

आता स्वयंपाक करणार्‍या सगळ्यानाच माहिती आहे की एखादा पदार्थ करताना एखाद्या नविन पदार्थाची आयडिया चमकते. आणि ती चमकली की आनंदी आनंद गडेच अगदी. पण आत्ता हे जे पदार्थ लिहीणार आहे ही आयडीया मात्र माझी नाही. माझ्या आज्जीकडे हे प्रकार मी गेले कितेक वर्षे केले जातात. भारतात अगदि अलिकडे पर्यंत पारंपारिक पद्धतीने चपाती, भाजी, आमटी, भात, कोशिंबीर, चटण्या हे प्रकार सकाळ संध्याकाळ कमी आधिक प्रमाणात होत असत. काही ठिकाणी अजुनही होतात. कोणत्याही परंपारिक प्रकारच्या स्वयंपाकामधे एक ठळकपणे जाणवणारी एक गोष्ट म्हणजे शक्यतो कमी वेळात खुप स्वादिष्ट स्वयंपाक करणे. याचे मुख्य कारण म्हणजे घरातली बरीचशी कामे घरच्याघरी करावी लागत. घरात जनता पण खुपच असे त्यामुळे पुरवठा येईल असे काहीतरी बनवणे. कदाचित यामुळेच असेल मला पारंपारीक स्वयंपाक करण्यात जास्त रस आहे. त्यपैकीच ह्या दोन रेसिपीज. एकच साहित्य वापरुन केलेले हे दोन पदार्थ - मुगाची उसळ आणि कटाची आमटी.

Katachi Amati And Usal
तयारी -
१ कप मुग
४ कप पाणी
मुगाची डाळ स्वच्छ धुवुन एका जाड बुडाच्या पातेल्यात घालुन मध्यम गॅसवर शिजायला ठेवावी. एक उकळी आली की झाकण ठेवुन गॅस कमी…

कोकणातला नाष्टा - कोकमाचे सार आणि भात (Solache Saar)

प्रसंग - पप्पांना खुप भूक नाहीये किंवा त्यांच्यापुरता स्वयंपाक तयार आहे.

मम्मी - मिनू, सुबोध जेवायला काय हवेय?
सुबोध - काहीही!
मी - काहीही!
मम्मी (वैतागून) - पटकन बोला काय करु?
सुबोध - पोहे/उप्पीट काहीही!
मी - आमसुलाचे सार आणि भात? होईल पट्कन?
मम्मी - काय रे तुला चालेल का?
सुबोध - ठिकाय, मला काय काहीही चालते!

घरात कोकमाचे सार आणि भात होण्यासाठी असले प्रसंग घडतच असत. पप्पांना आमच्या काहीही अंबट चालत नाही त्यामुळे या बेतातून ते नेहेमी कटाप. मुख्य म्हणजे त्यांना घरात शिल्लक असेल ते चालत असे. आजुबाजुला सगळे 'पुरुष' लोक फक्त ताजे'च' जेवताना पहात असताना, पप्प्पंचे हे वेगळेपण नक्की जाणवत असे. होस्टेलला राहिल्यामुळे असेल त्यांना अन्नाचे महत्व वाटते. त्यांच्यामुळे लागलेल्या काही सवयी अजुनही विसरत नाही. त्यातली एक महत्त्वाची म्हणजे ताटात आलेले अन्न विनातक्रार जेवणे. होस्टेलला रहाणे त्यामुळे सुकर झाले. असो...
तर हे असे सार होण्यामागे अजुन एक प्रसंग म्हणजे रातांब्याचे सरबत करताना त्यातल्या बिया काढाव्या लागत मग त्या बियांचे असे सार करण्यासाठी पण मी मम्मीमागे भुणभुण करत असे. हे सार आवडण्याम…

Raw Banana Sukke

Cookbooks simply amaze me. I usually start looking for a recipe when I have something handy and then spend hours in search of perfect recipe. Then after reading so many tasty 'dishes' I just make something in a jiffy to satisfy my hunger. This is going on for few years. Then came bloggers from different parts of the world and with different cuisines. And now I search for the perfect recipe according to the ingredients I have in fridge or pantry. When I take my laptop on the kitchen counter my husband knows that there will be something exotic on the plate later that evening. But when he sees me with 'Raschachandrika' he knows something nice and homely meal is on its way.

This book can be (may be is considered) as Konkani food bible like 'Ruchira' for Maharashtrians. There are so many simple day-to-day dishes in there that makes this a must have cookbook. It must the simplest cookbook I ever seen in terms of writing recipes 2-3 simple recipes per page! There is o…

Garlic Chutney

Chutneys is something my husband has to have in plate. Even if the food is exceptionally good he will need some kind chutney in his plate. And if there is a non Indian food for dinner he will add more sauce or may be take more dipping sauces. He is just chutney fanatic. He himself makes good green chutney, red chutney from Khandesh and one kind of dry peanut chutney that he has learned from his mom. Garlic chutney is something I always have on my table. I am not too big fan of raw garlic. So this is one of the least favorite chutney. This recipe is very common among Maharashtrians and is method of making is almost same for everyone. Now you must be wondering why would I post the recipe if its something that I rarely (or do not) enjoy. A friend recently had it at my place and wanted the recipe is one good reason another one is I wanted to show off the pot that I had made for chutney to keep on table.

This particular pot is very dear to my heart as I have done everything from start to f…

Khandeshi Style Baingan Bharata

(खानदेशी पद्धतीचे वांग्याचे भरीत)

Update - Here is a photo feature of this bharit making. 

I had heard about this bharata from lots of my friends but had never eaten it until very recently. My mother-in-law actually roasts big green brinjals (eggplants) over the flames which is put together using cow dung, some dry sticks in a small iron vessel. I had taken some pictures of her while doing it but accidentally deleted then (biggest pain point of digital camera or call it my ignorance). This bharit is very tasty and very different than what we make in households on western ghats. Green chilies is a staple in Khandeshi households and used in almost every dish. Bharit is usually served with puree or with kaLaNyaachI bhaakrI, bhakari made with special blend of grains ground together. A non-typical khandeshi thali looks like this -

Khandeshi thali (sort of)

clockwise from top - tomato-kakadi koshimbeer, gulab jamun, bharit(bharta), mattha, puri and bhakri, muLyachya palyacha khuLa and cut ve…

Basil Pesto Spread

मला पास्ता करायला खुपच आवडते. पास्ता सॉस म्हणजे नेहेमीचा मारीनारा, त्याबरोबरच बेक्ड टोमॅटो सॉस, रेड बेल पेपर्स सॉस आणि सगळ्यात महत्त्वाचा पेस्तो सॉस. मागे कधीतरी एकदा अमिचीज मधे पेस्तो रॅव्हिओली खाल्ली होती. तो सॉस प्रचंड आवडला. तेव्हा इंटरनेट म्हणजे डायलअप त्यात कुठल्या रेसिपीज शोधायच्या म्हणजे एक दिव्य असायचे. त्यातुनही त्यावेळचे सर्चइंजिन्स म्हणजे सगळाच उजेड! पुढे रेसिपी शोधली पण मग खरोखर असेच करतात का यावर बराच काथ्याकुट केला आणि एवढे सामान आणुन मग वाया गेले तर म्हणुन मग तो विचारही रद्दच केला. यथावकाश मग एन पी आरवर कुठल्यातरी एका शोमधे पेस्तो केलेला पाहिला आणि धाडसाने सगळे पदार्थ आणुन करुन पाहिला. हळूहळू त्यात बदल करत गेले आवडीप्रमाणे वेगवेगळे नट्स घालुन पाहिले. एकुण प्रकार करायला प्रचंड सोपा आणि त्यामानाने टिकावु आहे. मी आजकाल हे पेस्तो स्प्रेड घरात बनवुन ठेवते म्हणजे मग पट्कन ब्रेडला लावुन घेता येते.

असा केलेला पेस्तो, मी माझ्या मैत्रिणीला, वृषालीला नेउन दिला. तिच्या मुलीला, श्रेयुला (वय वर्षे ३+), असले काय काय खायला आवडते. तर मी गेल्य गेल्या तिच्याकडे 'भुक लागलीय' अशी भु…

Cracked Wheat Sanja with Jaggery

(गुळाचा सांजा)

I always try to find excuses to make sweets. Any reason is a good reason for me. This one is is very easy to make so gets made often. I remember my grandma used to send red chili powder made from chilies grown in our farm, some home grown peanuts and small bag of cracked wheat also known as Keshari Rava. She used to make at home all by herself from fine wheat grown in the fields. My mom used to make this sanja with that and rarely used any ghee or oil to make. Recently a friend of mine told me to use ginger powder with this and I tried reluctantly. It came out even more tastier than usual.

Godacha sanja

I have been taking pottery lessons for past 4-5years. Every pot I made is inspired by some other potter or pot. This piece was inspired by the spring. I used the pot for sanja recently.

Spring Inspired Bowl

1 cup cracked wheat/bulgur (smallest variety)
1 cup Jaggery
3-4 Water
1 tsp Dry ginger powder
1 tsp Cardamom powder
1/4 tsp Nutmeg powder
1 tbsp Oil
Chopped Almonds, Chopped c…