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RataLyacha Khees

RataLe - Japanese Sweet Potatoes
Khees - Grated

Sweet Potatoes, yams, multiple types of potatoes available in this country used to be extremely confusing for me. Initially I must have spent almost 30 minutes around the potato bin to find the sweet potatoes(that I knew) almost on all the grocery trips. Then I just gave up and stopped buying them altogether as they are humongous in size and turned really pasty/mushy when I cooked them. They were not sweet and I just did not care for them after number of tries. I did manage to make this RataLyacha Khees with orange versions or yam and sweet potatoes and that was okay but in general could get acquainted with the taste or the texture.

Fast Forward about a year and I found 'the sweet potatoes' in farmers market just like the ones we get in India! They are known as Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They are small, purple skinned, pale white flesh inside, fibrous, sweet and very flavorful in general. These show up in market seasonally and I e…