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Ragada Patties

'Ragada Patties' is one of my favorite fast food. We used to go to this road side vendor near Mahalaxmi Temple (precisely near Vidyapeeth Highschool) when I was studying in Kolhapur. Ragada Pattice, Aloo tikki, Samosa Chat were few items that I remember eating there. He had a very small cart with a big aluminum plate filled with ragada constantly boiling over small kerosene stove, warm samosas and kachories in separate plates, sweet tamarind chutney, green mint chutney and yogurt stainless steel containers lined up on his right hand side giving him easy access to the content. You will always see at least 10-12 people sanding around his cart at any given moment. He would remember everyone's order and with maximum 10-15 minutes wait you will get a plate in your hand, warm ragada either samosa, aaloo tikki, or kachori, sweet and green chutneys, fine sev and chopped cilantro. He would add yogurt in the chats but not in ragada pattice.

As we were staying in hostel, we were alwa…

Three Versions Of Banana Bread

Banana is one of my least favorite fruit. I can still eat a small bananas that we get in India but the one we get here are so huge that I can't even finish half of it. Then again it has to be ripe just enough, not too soft or not too raw. I do not even touch the brown ones. Recently we bought five different types of fruits, including bananas, to offer Ganesh during Pooja. As we had so many other fruits at home, bananas were sitting on the kitchen counter for really long time making them all brown and mushy. This happened to me around 4-5 months back as well. That time I searched for various banana breads and decided to try this one. Then I also tried Vaishali's vesrion of banana cake.

These days I started buying bananas just to have an excuse to make either one of these. I have tried Vaishali's version with almonds, walnut and pecans. I loved one with walnuts the most.

Vaishali's Banana Cake with Walnuts

Texture of Banana Cake from Group Recipes was more like bread than c…