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Rice Kheer

I barely celebrate very few festivals a year, Ganapati, Diwali, Dasara and Gudhi Padawa. Once in a while I remember making puran poli for Holi and that is about it. Between Modak, Shira, Puran poli, shrikhand, ladu and karanji are some sweets make regular appearance on the dinner plate. It has been ages since I made any type of kheers. My mom often made Shevai(Vermicelli) kheer and she makes so creamy, its just awesome. But I am not sharing that recipe this time because I do not have good home made vermicelli.
Today I am sharing a recipe of rice kheer I learned from my aunt. She makes killer rice kheer, very creamy, and of course tasty, and has melt in your mouth consistency! I have tried making rice kheer so many times and failed it! I asked her recipe a few years ago and finally made it for Dasara this year! It was pretty good but no where close to how my aunt makes it. But I will keep on practicing it.

Here is how I made it -
1/4 cup Basamati Rice
3 cups Milk, I used 1% milk
1/4 c…

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