Leafy Green Vegetables

Maharashtrians use lots of leafy vegetables in their day-to-day cooking. It was mandatory to eat leafy greens everyday when we were kids. Now I am glad that I got to taste so much variety.

Here is my attempt to give pictorial view to some of the very commonly available greens. I will keep on adding more pictures to this page. I have recipes of for most of these greens on my blog. Please try and look for these beauties in your local farmers markets, grocery stores and and try them.

तांदुळजा/हिरवा माठ (Chinese Spinach) -

लाल माठ (Red Amaranth) -


राजगिरा (Amaranth) -

शेपू (Dill) -

Dill Leaves

चंदन बटवा (Bathua) - 

Chandan Batwa

चाकवत - 


आंबट चुका (Green Sorrel) - 

Ambat Chuka 1

पालक (Spinach) - 


मायाळू (Malabar Spinach) -

Malabar Spinach / Water Spinach

मेथी (Fenugreek) -

Methi Bhaji

घोळ (Purslane leaves) -  

चिवळ / चिऊची भाजी - 


लाल भोपळ्याची पाने (Pumpkin leaves) - 

करडी / करडई (Safflower leaves) -

KaraDaIchee bhaji

आळूची पाने (Colocasia  leaves / Taro leaves / Elephant ear leaves) -

Taro Leaves

हरभऱ्याची पाने (Garbanzo leaves) - 

Even more closeup

आंबाडी (गोंगुरा / Red Sorrel) -

Ambadi / Red Sorrel / Gongura

मुळ्याचा पाला (Radish Leaves) - 

Radish Leaves

कांद्याची पात (Green Onion / Scallions) - 

Green Onion


  1. ‍Thank you very much for providing such a informative picture. This can sometime save life of one person.

  2. Your blog has been a pleasure . Why have you stopped updating ? Would like to see you back in action


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