Leafy Vegetables (Pictures)

Maharashtrians use lots of leafy vegetables in their day-to-day cooking. It was mandatory to eat leafy greens everyday when we were kids. Now I am glad that I got to taste so much variety.

Here is my attempt to give pictorial view to some of the very commonly available greens. I will keep on adding more pictures to this page. I have recipes of for most of these greens on my blog. Please try and look for these beauties in your local farmers markets, grocery stores and and try them.

तांदुळजा/हिरवा माठ (Chinese Spinach) -

लाल माठ (Red Amaranth) -


राजगिरा (Amaranth) -

शेपू (Dill) -

Dill Leaves

चंदन बटवा (Bathua) - 

Chandan Batwa

चाकवत - 


आंबट चुका (Green Sorrel) - 

Ambat Chuka 1

पालक (Spinach) - 


मायाळू (Malabar Spinach) -

Malabar Spinach / Water Spinach

मेथी (Fenugreek) -

Methi Bhaji

घोळ (Purslane leaves) -  

चिवळ / चिऊची भाजी - 


लाल भोपळ्याची पाने (Pumpkin leaves) - 

करडी / करडई (Safflower leaves) -

KaraDaIchee bhaji

आळूची पाने (Colocasia  leaves / Taro leaves / Elephant ear leaves) -

Taro Leaves

हरभऱ्याची पाने (Garbanzo leaves) - 

Even more closeup

आंबाडी (गोंगुरा / Red Sorrel) -

Ambadi / Red Sorrel / Gongura

मुळ्याचा पाला (Radish Leaves) - 

Radish Leaves

कांद्याची पात (Green Onion / Scallions) - 

Green Onion


  1. Im very happy to see all these green leafy vegetables with both d names ...thnx a lot

  2. Being Marathi I am always in search of Marathi food, recipe blogs and sites. So far I dint come across any who gives such a detailing of (famous Marathi)leafy vegetables. Great effort !Its so useful trust me.

  3. Khup chhan mahiti dili....😀😀

  4. excellent.I like the way you have displayed that with marathi and english name with pictures.Great...

  5. This was a very useful post, thanks a lot

  6. Hi, I really surprised, Quite a nice vegetable directory. Thanks a Lot

  7. Thanks Thanks Thanks a ton!! Mi Maharashtrat rahat hote teva bhaaji olakhu n yenyane kahi farak padat navta..Methi,Palak,Shepu sodlyas mala itar palebhajya olkhu yet nahit..Avadtat matr saglya.. :) .Bhaji walyala vicharun bhajya aanayche tyamule konti bhaji konti he janun ghyaychi garaj vatli nahi..Ata ikde Hyderabad madhe alyapasun matr palebhajyanchya babtit farach gondhal hoto..Ikde palebhajya bharpur prakarchya miltat tyamule ajun ch gondhal udato..hya photos cha khup upyog hoil..


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