Ghevadyachi Bhaji

Marathi version here -

Ghevada is very generic name in Maharashtra for any kind of bean. Shravan Ghevada is one kind of green beans which yields speckled red kidney beans. Hyacinth beans are commonly known as Kala Ghevada. Val papadi is another variety of Kala Ghevada. There are another varieties like pawata, gode wal, kadave val. Same genus but different species. There are two very different looking beans in this family, one is called Chardhari Ghevada(Winged Beans) and other is known as Abai Babhaee(Sword Bean).
These beans start appearing in small town markets around diwali time. We all used to look forward to all these bean types. Every year mummy used to plant kala ghevada seeds near compound. She would water, remove weeds around it, help it grow on the wires. Once the vine grows it starts yielding beans in bunches. Mummy used to make sabji almost every week and we never ever got tired of eating it. Mummy still makes sure she has enough beans to make this bhaaji for me whenever I visit India.
I do not get these dark purple beans here but I do get green variety. I can not reproduce mummy's taste of sabji but I always make it with her recipe and her masala.

Ghevada/Valpapdi (Hyacinth Beans)

Here is how I make it -

1/2 lb Green Hyacinth Beans
1 small Onion
2-3 cloves of Garlic
3 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Kanda Lasun Masala (or red chili powder and goda masala)
Salt per taste
2-3 Roasted Peanut Powder
Tempering - Cumin seeds, Mustards Seeds, Turmeric, Hing, Curry leaves

Ghevadyachi Bhaji

Preparation - 
Remove ends of every bean, remove the threads that come out from sides. Split the beans open.
Wash, and chop in 1/2 cm thick pieces.
Chop onion finely.  Smash garlic and roughly chop in few pieces.
Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan and add tempering.
Add chopped onion and fry till golden brown. Add garlic and roast for couple of minutes.
Now add chopped ghevada and saute for good 4-5 minutes on low to medium heat.
Add salt, kanda lasun masala and mix well.
Now sprinkle little water at a time, lower the heat and cook thoroughly.
At the end, add peanut powder, chopped cilantro and serve with hot chapatis.

Tips - 
  1. You can make make this recipe with frozen Valpapdi as well. 
  2. You can sprinkle little bit of freshly grated coconut at the end for fresh taste.
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  1. AAjach Ghevda nivadun thevla aahe....qill try your version.

  2. I made this tonight and I love it.

  3. I tried it... It was awesome...

  4. Anonymous, haa pavaTaa naahi. udya pavaTyacha photo taken :)


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