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Uttappam Or Bread Dosa

Anyone remember college gatherings back in India, also known as variety entertainment show?Due to various reasons government of Maharashtra had changed the rules and by the time I went to college, these programs had turned into one day watered down version of what it used to be. I was lucky enough to watch these when I was a school going kid. My father was a librarian in local college and we got opportunity to visit his college to watch these gatherings. We would take a bus to go college, visit the library, see books but unfortunately there were no books for us to read. My brother and I would play hide and seek by taking advantage of the big bookcases and the arrangement.
After going to other departments, watching the dead animals, looking at colorful rocks, we would then go to see the actual show we had come to see. I barely remember things from those shows with few exceptions. Then came the important part of the trip. We would then go to college canteen. We would sit in the family r…

Indian Cooking Challenge - Chegodilu

I was extremely busy when this month's challenge got announced and was not sure if I will get time to even try this once. I wanted to start on this project again as it will give another opportunity to learn a new recipe. We Maharashtrians have similar deep fried delight called 'Kadaboli' but made with mixed grain flour. It has been long time since I made any of these as I don't usually like to deep fry. I made an exception for this challenge as I was remembering my childhood when I used to help my grandma to roll these. My cousin and I would make various shapes. Grandma wouldn't mind as we would play with the dough for hours in stretch. I guess that gave grandma enough time to prepare rest of the things. These Chegpdilus reminded me of some of the greatest time. These came out really good and it was worth the effort!

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Here is Srivalli's simple recipe for these savory rings -

You …

Vegan Crepes with Persimmon Filling

Its been unusually cold weather these days here and one feels like having something warm all the time even for the breakfast, cold cereals just don't cut it. We have this beautiful persimmon tree in the backyard with orange bulbs weighing down the branches and and when you cut open one, you can feel the crunch. These are extremely juicy and flavorful.
On Tree

I, one day got few to share with my colleagues. All took one each but Tracey took a few and told me that she uses them for crepe filling! Obviously I got interested in knowing the recipe so she shared general idea and then I experimented just with filling and then with crepes. I had searched for vegan crepes in the past and had liked this recipe. I am hooked on these crepes and will be making it few more times until I have persimmons on the tree.

Persimmon filling -

Persimmon Filling
2.5 cups Persimmons diced 1 tsp earth balance 1 tsp brown sugar (optional) pinch of nutmeg
Preparation - Heat earth balance in a heavy bottom s…

Comfort food - Daal Tadka and Jeera Saffron rice

Vacation is a time when you enjoy visiting new places, eating new food. Once you are back, you feel like eating simple homemade food. Simple daal-rice is my choice when it comes to quick simple food. Each household has a favorite recipe to make daal as I have mine. But I try to make daals in different ways as I enjoy eating them as soups. I remember seeing Daal-Tadka on a restaurant menu long time ago and still remember me not ordering it. Later jeera rice and daal-tadka became staple in restaurant outings. My brother who is a good cook and also likes to try out new recipes. Once after a restaurant outing with cousins we decided to make this for our parents who tend not to go out to eat and as expected they loved it. Later we both changed it to suit our individual tastes and both make it regularly. Jeera saffron rice tastes great with this daal and is extremely easy to make.

Daal Tadka

Here is simple daal-tadka recipe - Daal - 1/2 cup moong daal 1/4 cup toor daal 1 tomato 2 tsp aamchur powd…