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Thai Style Chili Tofu

Thai food was something I ate first after coming to US. And I liked it for the similarities with Indian food. I tasted tofu for the first time and it was love at first site. If I remember correctly it was in the Tom Yum or one of those soups. I started buying it immediately. I used it in chapati dough, in palak tofu instead of paneer), in kababs, in soups. I even experimented with Thai curries for a little while and then stopped as I did not want to buy every little sauce and fill up my pantry. But I kept making tandoori tofu and fried rice.

We recently visited our dear friend Anil and he made his signature dish for us. I watched him make it from start to finish. It was simple and very easy to make. I think chopping takes more time that actual cooking. After coming back I experimented with it and turned out great. Here is what I did -

Chili Tofu

1 block Organic Extra Firm Tofu
1 large Red Bell Pepper
1 large Green Bell Pepper
1 large Red Onion
4-5 cloves Garlic
2 tsp Red Chili Flakes (adjust …

Cauliflower with Green Curry

I am not big fan of making cauliflower, cabbage, green beans over and over. I either avoid buying these or if I ever buy, I try to find new recipe every time. I feel there are so many other good vegetables available in farmers market that I can live without these grocery store finds. Recently a huge cauliflower ended up in my fridge(and please don't ask how!!). It sat there for almost 2 weeks while I secretly hoped the significant other will make his favorite sabji and be done with it. But that did not happen and I had to take a decision about the big blob! So finally on Sunday I decided to make something out of any book that will have some different recipe. First book I checked was My Bombay Kitchen and looked through index. Niloufer has nice recipe of green curry cauliflower that caught my attention and decided to give it a try. The original recipe is for meat and she has suggested other variations and using mixed vegetables was one of the variation and I decided to use use onl…

Panchamrut - The Spicier Type

Like everyone else, I have wonderful memories from school days. Our school timings were 12 noon to 5.30pm. Almost every girl in my class including me used have lunch before heading off to school. Still we friends used get lunchbox to eat in the recess. School had a rule to get only Roti-sabji and nothing else so everyone had chapati or jowar roti with some kind of sabji to go with it. My mom would always pack jowar roti with dab of home made butter and any sabji. We would share at least one bite of whatever we have with others around and eat rest. In one such recess, I tasted panchamrut from a friend's lunchbox and promptly told my mom about the sweet-tangy-spicy taste. Until then the panchamrut I knew was the one prepared for pooja using milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar and honey. But of course mom knew how to make the spicier version and told me that she will make it on Sunday. Why Sunday? She used to have more time to cook something different and that was the day we would get fresh ve…

Farmers Market Finds

Sunday mornings in summer are dedicated to farmers market. Due to large Indian and Asian population we get lots of different vegetables. I have started writing a series on Maayboli on these vegetables to document simple day today recipes that my mom used to make. All of these are in Marathi and not sure when they will be converted to English. If you like any of the preparation and want the English translation, please let me know and I will try my best to get that for you.
Valpapadi (Hyacinth beans) Bhaji Radish Leaves/Turnip Greens Bhaji Maath/TanduLaja/Amaranth leaves/Indian Spinach Bhaji Pumpkin Leaves Bhaji ChandanBatawyache AaLaN Green Sorrel Bhaji Long Beans Bhaji
I will keep updating this page as write more recipes in the series.