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Aloo Banjara

I was picking tomatoes in the backyard on Diwali day and noticed unusual bumps in the soil. I looked at it from all the sides, but couldn't guess what it was. For a minute I thought it was some kind of eggs. After doing the guess work for almost 5 minutes I decided to put gloves on and touch it. And started laughing at my own silliness. Few months ago few of the potatoes sprouted in the pantry. Instead of removing the spouts or throwing the whole potato in the trashcan, I decided to plant them. Same week I planted tomato seedlings in the same planter box. Obviously I had forgotten all about the potatoes I had planted. But these potatoes survived and flourished without me paying any attention to them. I dug through the whole area and got almost all the potatoes out. Crop was about 1/2 to 3/4th pound.

 Potatoes from the backyard
I wanted to make something special with these potatoes. I had bookmarked this wonderful recipe on Maayboli by one of my favorite photo blogger Abhijit. He is…

Diwali Special - Shev/Sev

Happy Diwali
Happy diwali everyone! I hope this festival brings lots of joy and happiness for you and your loved ones.

My mom grew up in a huge joint family. They were 15-20 cousins growing up together. House was huge and and everyone had chores assigned to them. Boys would sweep yard and upstairs, fill the water. Girls would do the dish washing and laundry.  My grandma would cook with help of older girls. I think that was the norm back then to divide the work and finish off in time for school college. Once the kids went to school/college, grandma would prepare goodies for them to eat with evening tea. With so many people to feed, you can imagine the quantity she had to make. But she never compromised on quality. She made shankarpali, shev and chivda more often. Once in a while she made rava laddoos. All these are typical Maharashtrian Diwali snacks. Obviously my mom learned to cook from her mom and after her marriage from her mother in law. She got best of both worlds. My paternal gra…

Orange Cranberry Cake

We usually have drama practices at home almost every weekend and we take turns to feed the army. I get to try few recipes on them but rarely get to take pictures as it all vanishes within half an hour or less. I always look forward to my turn as I get few more guinea pigs ;) I wanted to make a simple snack cake for the troop and had cranberries sitting on the counter and whole orange tree with ripe oranges in the backyard.
I had my eye on this recipe for very long time as I love orange flavor. Substituting eggs, milk and butter was something I was very reluctant to try all in same batch. Just in case if that doesn't come all together as its supposed to be then it becomes difficult to finish. I like this orange cake so much that I make very often. Using cranberries in that orange cake was going to be my last option as I know it will come out great. But I wanted to try a new recipe(!) so went on searching for a different recipe. I had tried this maple pecan cake by Shyamala with w…