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GuL Papadichya Vadya

As I have shared in my previous post, I did make few vegan sweets this year for Diwali. I have been making at least one vegan sweet for Diwali for past few years. And every year I have tried new sweet and consistently gotten great results with exceptions of super flops. I do note down things somewhere so that I can revisit if it goes wrong and I can tweak things when I re-visit that recipe. That habit paid off this year as I was able to make multiple sweets very successfully this year. And I want to document the recipes so I can throw away my post-its.

This particular recipe is my aunts. I have eaten this barfi every time I visited her in Mumbai. Ingredients are readily available in almost all the Indian households. It is very simple to make and taste is to die for.  I learned this from her few years ago and have made it but then forgot about it altogether. My aunts visit in the summer reminded me of her best preparations and this was first on the list.

Here is this very simple recipe…

Almost Vegan Diwali: And Chakali without Bhajani ...

This year I had planned to vegan sweets for diwali. I have been making couple of things vegan for diwali for past 5-6 years. It is not difficult at all. This year's special I wanted to make more sweets and push myself to make them all vegan. I succeeded! Well almost! My husband loved Besan ladoos and I did not have time to try vegan versions before diwali so I made those for him with ghee. I will share recipes one by one soon.

Another big step for me to make Chakali without my mom's supervision. I have been helping my mom make chakalis for years now. I know most of the details of her way of making these diwali special treats. I do not like deep frying so I have not made these in past 8+ years. This year my husband said he will fry them if I decide to make. But it needs bhajani. Bhajani is mixed grain and lentil flour made specially by washing, drying, roasting and grinding. Everyone has their special proportions and way of making these. I did not have any! I remembered noting…

Diwali Special Photo Feature - Chirote

"Stop playing in the mud, clean up yourself and get the diyas ready for the evening."
"But mummy, we are almost done! We are just finishing with the fountain..."
"Come inside now, both of you. S you start preparing for diyas. Minu, you start with rangoli I will come and see... "
"But ... but ..."
"I said NOW... we have to finish making chirote tonight for tomorrow's faral ..."

My brother and I could never win an argument with her so when she said stop, with little to no resistance we would do what was told. She would finish make all diwali delicacies with our help in 3-4 days. I love everything she makes for Diwali but her chirote are the best! She used to make these for Diwali every year. These days she waits until all of us around to eat. This puff pastry like delicacy is very time consuming and needs skillful hands like my mom. In the past, I have helped her make these under her supervision. Last year I decided to take pictures …

Ambat Chuka Or Green Sorrel Bhaji

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

I love all the leafy greens we get in India green sorrel, red sorrel, amaranth, fenugreek to name a few. There are various vegetables I know by Marathi names but haven't had time to find English names like Chakvat. I make sure I eat them as much as I can in my India trip. The bhaji I am going to share today is my most favorite. I love it for its sour taste as well as the bright green color. My mom's versions is my most favorite.
1 Bunch of Green Sorrel
1/8 cup Chana Daal (or toor+Chana daal mixed together)
1/8 cup Peanuts
1-2 tbsp Roasted Peanut Powder
Small piece of Jaggery
Kanda Lasun Masala (or Goda Masala + red Chili Powder)
Salt per taste
2-3 large cloves of Garlic
2-3 tbsp Dried Coconut
For Tempering - 2tbsp Oil, 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds, Pinch of Turmeric, Pinch of Hing, Few Curry leaves
Water as needed

Preparation -
Pluck leaves and tender stems of the greens. Wash thoroughly, drain and chop.
Mix daal and peanuts, wash thor…

आंबट चुक्याची पातळ भाजी (Green Sorrel Maharashtrian Style)

(Link to English Recipe)

भारतात गेले कि वेगवेगळ्या पालेभाज्या खाणे हा एक मोठा कार्यक्रम असतो. इथे खूप नवीन भाज्या मिळता असल्या तरी लहानपणापासून खाल्लेल्या भाज्यांची चव जिभेवरून हलणे शक्य नाही. तिकडे गेले कि सकाळ संध्याकाळ घरीच जेवणे हा माझा मुख्य कार्यक्रम असतो. त्यातलीच हि एक आंबट चुक्याची भाजी. मम्मीने केलेली असेल तर अगदी स्वर्गसुख! 
अंबटचुक्याची एक पेंडी
मुठभर हरबरा डाळ (किंवा तुरीची आणि हरबर्‍याची निम्मी निम्मी)
मुठभर शेंगदाणे
१-२ लहान चमचे दाण्याचे कूट
लहान खडा गूळ
लाल तिखट
गोडा मसाला
२ पाकळ्या लसूण + २ टेबलस्पून खोबर्याचा छोटा गोळा एकत्र वाटून (वगळण्यास हरकत नाही)
फोडणीसाठी - तेल, कढीपत्ता, हिंग, जिरे, मोहरी, हळद, हिंग
पाणी लागेल तसे

कृती -

भाजी निवडून, धुवुन, चिरुन घ्यावी.
डाळ आणि दाणे धुवुन घ्यावेत.
कुकरला डाळ(किंवा डाळी), दाणे, भाजी आणि थोडे पाणी घालून शिजवुन घ्यावे.
शिजलेली भाजी नीट घोटुन घ्यावी.
उभ्या पातेल्यात तेलाची फोडणी करुन घ्यावी. त्यात लसुण खोबर्‍याचा गोळा घालावा. लगेच वरुन घोटलेली भाजी घालावी. मीठ, तिखट, मसाला आणि थोडे पाणी मस्त उकळी काढावी.
शेवटी गूळ आणि दाण्या…