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Khandeshi concoction Shev Bhaji

Bright Red Spicy curry!

I think it was about 10 years ago I had this first time at a friend's place. And to be frank enough I did not enjoy it much. It was extremely spicy, I could only taste chili powder and nothing else. Soggy shev/gathiya was something that I did not have appetite for. Fast forward 6 years and my husband decided to make it for me. He is from Khandesh and its a favorite dish from that region like Misal is from Kolhapur. The red color again scared me but I decided to give it a try just because I had seen him making it and the time he spend cooking. This time I could taste different kinds of spices blend together and even though the gathiya were soggy it was not too bad. This is one dish I only help out to measure the ingredients, make chapatis and then set the table. The reason is his friends! They call him with a farmaish at least once in six months. He loves making it and also enjoy eating it. I have learned to make it with him but haven't had chance to ma…

Makarsankranti - Feast 1

After many years, I am celebrating Makarsankranti this year. Celebration = cooking traditional food and enjoying with family and friends! We Maharashtrians celebrate 3 days of this festival. On the day one, called Bhogi, we make mixed vegetable with 'Bajarichi teel lavaleli bhakari' (Millet flatbread with sesame seeds). Day two, called Sankrant, sesame and jaggary mixture cooked together to make brittle. We give these brittles to everyone who comes home that day and say 'tilgul ghya goad bola'! And day three, called Kinkrant, we eat leftovers from day one for lunch.

Makarsankranti marks the transition of the Sun from South towards North. Its a belief that the days start becoming longer by one sesame seed worth. This is the season for lots of winter vegetables like fresh garbanzo beans, Val Papadi, Surati Papadi, Carrots, Eggplants and many many more. It is winter time in most part of India so its good to eat something oily and so its a tradition to eat sesame seeds in …