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Thai style butternut squash soup

Or should I say its 'Thai influenced' soup! 
Marathi version of this soup can be found here.

Farmers markets and grocery stores are flooded with variety of winter squashes. They are pretty to look at and amazingly tasty! I usually buy couple of them keep on the counter for few days as decorative pieces and then cook and eat! I enjoy making soups and fall and winter are perfect seasons to enjoy warm soup and crusty breads. My lunches and dinners are usually start with soup. Recently I had this nice Thai style butternut squash soup in office cafe and I had to recreate it. I once tried it by making my own green curry paste and then using it in the soup as I couldn't find vegan green curry paste in my neighborhood oriental market. But that was too much spice for the fresh taste of squash. So I decided to tweak the recipe and not make the paste instead use the herbs I like. Voila! It resulted in a nice creamy soup that I can keep on slurping! Recipe is quite simple -

1 Small But…

थाई स्टाईल बटरनट स्क्वाश सूप

थंडीच्या दिवसात सूप करून पिणे हा माझा नेहेमीचा कार्यक्रम असतो. गरम गरम सूप आणि एखादा छानसा ब्रेड असेल तर मस्त जेवण होते. वेगवेगळे विंटर स्क्वाशबाजारातसाधारण ऑक्टोबर-नोव्हेंबरमध्ये खूप दिसायला लागतात. ते आणून वेगवेगळ्या सूपमध्ये वापरले कि चव एकदम बहारदार येते. यात मला आवडणारा प्रकार म्हणणे साधारण फोडी करून वाफवून घ्यायच्या, जायफळ, काळीमिरी आणि मीठ घालून मिक्सरवर बारीक करायचे की झाले सूप तयार! अलीकडे ऑफिसच्या कॅफेमधे हा जरा वेगळा प्रकार खाल्ला आणि खुपच आवडला त्यामुळे घरात होते त्या सामानात करुन पाहिला. आता हा प्रकार माझ्याकडे नेहेमी होतो.

१ मध्यम बटरनट स्क्वाश - साले आणि बिया काढून चिरलेला
१ टीस्पून तेल
१ कप नारळाचे दूध
१ जाडसर दांडा लेमनग्रास
१ टेबलस्पून आले बारीक चिरून
१-२ काफिर लाईमची पाने
चवीप्रमाणे मीठ आणि काळी मिरी

कृती -
बटरनट स्क्वाश नीट धुवून सालकाढणीने साले काढून टाकावीत. हा तसा बराच कडक असतो त्यामुळे सांभाळून. मग त्याचे दोन तुकडे करून बिया धागे काढून टाकावेत. बटाटे चिरतो त्याप्रमाणे चिरुन घ्यावे.
लेमनग्रासचे साधारण २-२ इंचाचे तुकडे करून ते बत्त्याने किंचीत ठेचून घ्यावेत.

Tomato Biryani

This years tomato crop started late but its going good so far. As I said in this post, I have planted more cherry tomatoes than large tomatoes. I am getting couple of tomatoes every day and that works out better unlike last year! Last year the crop was so much that I have enormous supply of tomatoes, at least 5-6 huge ones day. I love to share the goodies with my friends but with everyone's busy schedule its very difficult to meet. So last year after giving away some, I decided to chop and freeze my dark crimson/almost dark heirloom tomatoes. I simply washed and chopped large tomatoes and stored in food safe, 2 cup capacity freezer boxes. I had supply of homegrown tomatoes until about February of this year! I used it in daily cooking like pasta, daal, soupsubji, as well as tomato biryani I am sharing with you today.

I had this tomato biryani at my aunt's place in Bangalore few years ago. She had given demo of this recipe somewhere in Bangalore and wanted us to try it. I liked…