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There is a curry leaf in these muffins!!!

Small plates or Tapas for dinner is becoming more and more popular in past few years. Or it may be just me, who started hearing about it in last couple of years. This year we friends decided to go Tapas route for our new years party. All of us were coming back from vacations  just before new year's eve so we decided the menu even before Christmas! We did not want to stick with the traditional Indian things but did not want to divert too much. Number of emails after here is what we decided - Batata Vadas, some vegan desserts, some bread and dips.
And on the day here is what we actually had for three families -
Batata vada, beer bread, Matar Usal, savory muffins, tofu lettuce-wraps, chocolate cake, and a fruit cake, figs-olive dip, pear-ginger chutney.

As usual we had so much food and we did not even touch matar usal that evening! I got an opportunity to make two different types of savory muffins which I wanted to try since I saw this recipe. I just added this and that to make mine…