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Guest Post for Sailu's Kitchen: Khandeshi Cuisine

Sailaja of Sailu's Kitchen is one of the most popular blogger out there. I am sure you all are fans of her ever popular series Indian Food Trail just like me! She has showcased the everyday Indian cuisine from various regions of India.

She reached out to me to write about Khandeshi Cuisine for this series. I was very excited and nervous at the same time as its not easy to fill in the shoes of bloggers like Nupur, Meera, Sandeepa and others.   But with encouragement from some friends and Sailu herself,  decided to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please hop over to Sailu's Kitchen to read about Khandeshi Cuisine.

Kanda Bhajji - Onion Fritters

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

College life reminds me of the great pleasures for Tapari Chai and Kanda Bhaji. Most of the college campuses in those days had similar look and feel to it. Main gate and lots of small shops called Taparis along he college fence. You could smell the deep fried goodies like Kanda bhaji, Batata Vada around 4pm. That was the time when students and professors would go to get the daily dose of afternoon tea. These shops had limited menu. Morning they would serve tea, coffee, pohe, upama, cream roles, Parle G biscuits. Some would make fresh omelets per order.  Sabudana khichdi served on some religious fasting days and that's about it! Tea was served through out the day, mostly by adding more tea-sugar-milk-water to the same old concoction! If someone is too keen to get the fresh batch, they had to special order and wait until its made. Stores usually run by the owner and a helper and every patron got they asked for without writing the order and in the most chaot…

Happy Diwali!

As kids me and my brother were more interested in firecrackers than anything. I remember we used to divide the firecrackers in exactly half. No one should get even a single cracker more than the other! But that did not last very long, we both outgrew the fun of firecrackers at much earlier age. We would but just few fulbaji/fuljhadi, few anaars and few bhoo chakra and that is about it. We used that money on good books. Now a days, for me Diwali is all about food and decorating. Rangoli, Toran, and nicely decorated Diyas makes it more special for me.

Here are some traditional treats for Diwali -


Gul-Papadichya Vadya

Seven Cup Barfi

Orange Coconut Barfi 

Khajur Ni Ghari / Edible Sombreros 



Sev / Shev
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!

Khandesh Special: Daal Batti Or Daal Bafale

In old days, people traveled from one town to other by bullock carts and sometimes for days! And they traveled light, with minimum belongings with them. Women of the house would carry enough things to eat for everyone for a day or two. If you were going to travel more, then they carried wheat flour, toor daal, some chili powder & salt, couple of plates, couple of big vessels. Hotels and motels were almost impossible to find in smaller towns or villages. If traveling through a bigger town with market and have enough money to spend, then they bought vegetables etc. If not, then cook with whatever is available.

Daal Batti is one such dish that was prepared mainly on such long journeys. It is very similar to the Daal-Baati of Rajasthan but still different. My father-in-law narrates the whole process of making this Khandesh special dish very well. This is just an attempt to write all the details in a post.

A ditch of size 3'x3'x10" is made in the ground by digging evenly.…

Diwali Special: Karanji

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

Karanji in Marathi
Gujiya in Hindi
Karajikayi in Kannada

Karanji comes under 'must have' for us Maharashtrians for Diwali! Diwali faral is incomplete without these crescent shaped delicacy. My mom makes karanjis and Chirote on Dhanatrayodashi day. She makes these with few different fillings and those fillings are usually made 3-4 days ahead of time making things bit easy on the day. Here are the fillings she usually makes -
Fresh Coconut + Sugar + Poppy Seeds Dry coconut + Fine Semolina + Powdered Sugar + Poppy SeedsWheat Flour + Dry Coconut + Sesame Seeds + Poppy Seeds + Fine Semolina Khawa/Khoya + Sugar + Fresh CoconutKhowa/Khoya + Gulkand  Making Karanjis is more or less whole day affair and it is very labor intensive. It is labor of love for sure! You forget everything when these beauties melt in your mouth at first bite. I made detailed video of the whole process to make baked karanjis, only issue you might face with that is the voice over in Marathi…