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Coffee Break: Instant Coffee with Touch of Nutmeg!

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My mom makes excellent traditional style coffee, the kind you boil coffee, milk, sugar, nutmeg on stovetop. All her friends and siblings 'demand' it when they visit us. My Mama's house is about 10km away from my home in our town and my Mama's used to bike to our home almost every Tuesdays as that was their day off. And as soon as they arrive they would ask my mom to make a cup of coffee for them. One day I asked her to buy Nescafe for me, I think we used to get it even before that but I don't remember much. 

Another memory comes to my mind when I start thinking instant coffee. I had gone to one of our acquaintance's home (this was before the 'Telephone Era'). She offered me cup of coffee - 1 tiny cup of milk+1 heaped spoon of Sugar (there is a special spoon that you would get back then called as 'sugar spoon', shaped like clubs in playing cards) + 1/8 or so tsp of coffee! What a concoction! If you want someone to g…