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Takatla Palak

(Link to Marathi Recipe)
Takatla Palak: Spinach in Buttermilk curry

I think it is really easy to be vegan with Maharashtrian cooking. Everyday sabjis that my mom makes are all vegan. Paneer was not at all known to us until I was in college.  We bought 1 or 1.5 ltrs of milk everyday. If we had unexpected guests that day, we had nothing left even to have morning cup of tea. We did get small dollop of freshly churned butter with bhakari and one vati of homemade buttermilk everyday. This was all before 'Operation Milk Flood in India'. I remember it was very difficult to make any milk based desserts during summer due to scarcity of milk. But milk was available in good quantities during August/September during festivals. My grandma and mom both took great care of malai everyday, and took efforts to make homemade ghee and save for festivals.

Yesterday I saw an Indian family taking about 6 gallons of milk from supermarket and I wondered how do they use so much milk :) But again who am …