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Rice kheer used to be my favorite kheer. One of my aunt makes it the best. I used to be very cream perfectly sweetened and just enough saffron and cardamom. I have tried reproducing it never comes out the way my aunt's.
Recently we friends did a Punjabi themed potluck dinner. I decided to make parathas and dessert. My initial thought was to make Gajar Ka Halwa. That would have been very typical but I did not go the 'typical' route. I asked a Punjabi friend whether Phirni counts as a Punjabi dessert and she said yes. So I decided to make Phirni. To keep it simple I decided to only use saffron and then garnish with nuts. I find making phirni is extremely easy if you do not mind constant stirring. You can make it ahead of time and can be served in individual kulhads or everyone can take as much as they want from big serving bowl.

(Recipe is adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor)

6tbsp Basmati
5 cups Fat Free Milk (0%)
2 cups Reduced Fat Milk (2%)
1/2 cup sugar
Few Strands of Saffron