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Indian Style Seven Layer Dip: Dabeli Dip

Quilting is something on my bucket list to learn for a very long time. The urge surfaced again when I saw Nupur's quilting posts and at the same time my best friend Ash also started learning and made a nice wall hanging. I decided that I will complete all the projects I have undertaken and then go learn quilting. But that changed recently very dramatically.

Here is a little background, I had gotten this nice Rajai from India but cotton filing started gathering and within a month the quilt turned into big blob of cotton and of course unusable!!! I started the restoration project by removing all the cotton, and separating both the sides carefully. I also bought nice batting from fabric store. And then started putting everything together in a hope that I will make a nice quilt and use it! But it turned out to be the most time consuming project I had undertaken in a while. On and off I was working on it for past few years but it was nowhere to close to finishing. Recently, I was giv…