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Peeth Perun Bhaji

Peeth - Flour
Perun - Sprinkled

Knitting is one passion I come back to after trying various other hobbies. I rarely come back empty handed when I visit yarn stores. Actually I should say that with all my visits to any arts and crafts stores. But knitting is one hobby lets me help others just a little bit. Few years ago I found out about a knitting group in my office and and I joined their mailing list. Group meets once in a week and there are lot of experienced knitters who help new hobbyist learn new techniques or help sort out mistakes. I am not a regular visitor but I do go meet them once in a while. One great thing about this group is that they make chemo hats every year as community service and donate any organization like Knots Of Love. I love participating in these events. See if you have a drop off location near you for any of the organization that accept Chemo hats or any other knitted or crocheted goodies. You can check some of the organizations here who accept knitted or c…