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Vaalache Birade

Picture this - 

My uncle is driving in peak Mumbai traffic around 7pm. He has come home earlier to go meet his cousin(my aunt) who has come to Mumbai to attend her friend's wedding. We are traveling from Colaba to some suburb and traffic is as awful as it can get. My cousin and I are constantly chatting in the car. We can see that uncle is tired of sitting in the car after long day. Fast forward 2 hours and we reach at the destination. Uncle takes us in this old looking building. We knock on the door and first thing we notice very tempting smell and that reminds us that its dinner time. Everyone there is busy with pre-wedding preparation. They are about start serving dinner. The lady of the house requests us to stay for dinner, uncle says no. The lady requests again then my uncles agrees and calls home to tell that we will be eating dinner there. A very homely dinner is served. I ask names of lentil dishes and I am told that its called 'Birade'!!! 

That was my first introdu…

I am getting Chocolate Cupcakes For Potluck

Friday coffee night is something we friends have been doing for past three years. It started out as a casual conversation and came to reality. Its a monthly event and we take turns to host. We meet after dinner on a Friday evening and share few good laughs, plan the next outing together. Even though we say its strictly a coffee evening, the host always offers some snack. I made these amazingly tasty and easy to make mini cupcakes from ET's blog which she has adapted from Nicole's recipe, for one of these coffee meetings. I have made it at least a dozen times and it has come out great every time. I can whip it up in 30 minutes, even on a weekday! And get all the ooohs and wows every single time. She uses milk in her recipe but I simply replace it with water. Funny thing is the only time I used soy milk, they came out bit dense. Since then I have gone back to using water. Yesterday I whipped up a batch for a wonderful little guy who loves cakes and cookies but is allergic to mil…

Dadape Pohe

Dadape - weighed down
Pohe - flattened rice

One of my friend has really a very green thumb. She grows almost everything and anything!!!! Cabbage, carrots, onions, grapes, fennel, chives and usual suspects like zucchini and tomatoes. Her garden is really inspiring. She had an old wooden play structure in her backyard which had no use for her. They got it down and used it to make big vegetable beds and planted all the vegetables she wanted to her heart's content. She tries to plant whatever is in the season and eat accordingly. She is an amazing cook and uses everything from her backyard in various ways.

Vegetable Garden

My vegetable patch has too much gravel and whatever I planted did not yield much. Even though I have huge backyard and lot of empty space to use as my vegetable garden. But this is the patch that I have set my heart to grow the goodies. This year I decided to use my friend's idea to make wooden vegetable beds that can hold good soil. As we did not have any wooden s…