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Channagi Saaru - Sprouted Lentil Amati

(Sprouted Masoor Amati in Marathi)
Recently Jaya announced a nice 'Repost Event', rewrite and repost past recipes to that you had posted in the very beginning and was lost because you were new blogger. I had one more problem, I used to write most of my recipes in Marathi back then. It became more tedious when I started participating in events to write same recipe in English and Marathi, and proof read it etc become like a second job. Finally I had to switch to English only posts. This event gave one (more) incentive to convert some of my favorite recipes in English.

I spent many of my summer vacations in Belgaum at my Ajji's (father's aunt) place. She always had a cook at home mainly to do some mundane work in the kitchen like making chapatis, rotti's (Bhakari) and daily preparation. Actual cooking was always done by my Ajji or my aunts. I learned a lot of things from Ajji. I have shared her simple toor daal amati recipe here. Tuesdays were different than rest of…

Protein Packed Nuggets: Daal Cutlets

There was a point in my life (read: pre-internet India) when I knitted ten or eleven sweaters in a year with my mom. Most of my cousins have sweater me and my Mom knitted. This is the hobby I took as a tribute to my grandma. She was a excellent knitter. Back in 60's she would knit using English instruction books and manipulate the pattern as per her need. I started knitting using some of her needles and books. I kept on knitting on and off ever since. I pursued another hobby for few years and knitting took a back seat.
Last year I started knitting again, thanks to Desi Knitter. I think it was about 2 years ago I stumbled upon her blog and was amazed by her creativity. I love knitting, crochet, embroidery and everything related to that. I restarted a small project that I had frogged after seeing her shawls and socks. I completed it but did not start until very recently. I wanted to see what she is up to these days and visited her blog again and commented for the first time. Meanwhi…

Khandesh special: Nistyachi Chutney

Khandeshi style red chili chutney

Tasting any regional cuisine is a wonderful experience. Authentic, rustic recipes, simple local ingredients are the keys to tasty food. I grew up in Western Ghats of Maharashtra and I love the locally grown vegetables and food prepared around the region. My cooking style and variety is highly influenced by regional food from that area. First time I visited Khandesh, everything I ate was very new for me including names of the dishes, ingredients. Their food in general is very spicy. They liberally use green chilies and red chilies in almost everything. Red chili powder, garam masala is rarely used in Khandeshi special dishes.

Clockwise From Top: Cilantro, salt, jaggery, tamarind, small red chilies, big red chilies, Garlic

This chutney is good example of rustic day today Khandeshi preparation. Minimum number of ingredients and simple procedure gives you taste to the food they eat. Its usually served with methi roti which I will share the recipe later. My…

Daal Methi BhaajI

(DaalMethi in Marathi) Growing up in the era when we had to eat what moms cooked with very few choices. We had to eat what was served in the plate, if we like it get the second, third(?) helping and finish everything in plate. I think these were the rules in almost all households back then. Even parents did not have many choices back then. Store bought food was considered to be made with substandard material and not very hygienic. When I see my friends make parathas, burgers, pastas for their kids and the kids make fuss about everything their parents ask them to eat. And I wonder when did it all change? How did this happen?
I still remember when I was a kid I did not like to eat roasted garlic in the dry vegetables my mom used to make. It was combination of taste and smell that put me off. But I was not allowed to throw even that and my mom never removed it before serving me. I am not complaining now but used to complain a lot back then. I am glad that she made me eat everything. I sur…