Khandesh special: Nistyachi Chutney

Khandeshi style red chili chutney

Tasting any regional cuisine is a wonderful experience. Authentic, rustic recipes, simple local ingredients are the keys to tasty food. I grew up in Western Ghats of Maharashtra and I love the locally grown vegetables and food prepared around the region. My cooking style and variety is highly influenced by regional food from that area. First time I visited Khandesh, everything I ate was very new for me including names of the dishes, ingredients. Their food in general is very spicy. They liberally use green chilies and red chilies in almost everything. Red chili powder, garam masala is rarely used in Khandeshi special dishes.

Clockwise From Top: Cilantro, salt, jaggery, tamarind, small red chilies, big red chilies, Garlic

This chutney is good example of rustic day today Khandeshi preparation. Minimum number of ingredients and simple procedure gives you taste to the food they eat. Its usually served with methi roti which I will share the recipe later. My mother in law adds little oil to the when she serves it to help digestion! Methi chapati/roti is usually yellow and this red chutney served on a green plantain leaf looks amazingly beautiful. I always feel Indian food is really vibrant in color and looks great on the plantain leaf!

Nistyachi Chutney

Lets move on to ingredients and the recipe -

8 small hot dry chilies
4 big/flat moderately hot dry chilies
4-5 cloves of garlic
1-2 tbsp jaggery
1 tsp tamarind (please do not use paste)
8-10 stems of cilantro
salt per taste
water if necessary

Procedure -
Add everything in the wet grinder. Grind into fine paste.
Adjust salt if necessary.
Set it sit for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Tips -
  1. Please handle chilies carefully.
  2. I like coarsely ground texture if this chutney but traditionally it is fine paste.
  3. Sourdough bread, dab of earth balance spread and this chutney makes a perfect fusion appetizer.


  1. Chutney looks very the color.

  2. mmm..chutney looks so good..yum yumm..

  3. That looks like a fiery hot chutney Mints! Does it have a lot of heat or the flaming red color is deceptive?

    Re, you question on my event. Even if your earlier recipes are in Marathi, just repost them in English and they will qualify. :)

  4. That must set the mouth on fire!

    Where did you get the broad chillies?

  5. Madhu, Deepa - Thanks!

    Priya - indeed :)

    Jaya - this is really a hot chutney. Color is not deceptive at all. And thanks for clarifying my doubts about the event.

    TC - you bet :) broad chilies were sneaked in the bag from India. Try with dried Fresno chilies but never use dried Poblano chilies. They make the chutney slightly bitter.

  6. Wow!!! This chutney must be hot:) My Hubby will love this..will try this for him:)

  7. Miss this chutney a lot!!! Next time I am going to bring these chillies to USA with me..

  8. hi dear,


    1. Rodage recipe is now posted here -


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