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Dhokla from Scratch

I remember eating dhokla first time when I was 5 years old. We had a Gujarati neighbors and my mom had learned to make it from that lady. I think it was Sunday morning and we had at for breakfast. Later that afternoon when my mom was serving lunch she told my father not to give anymore dhokala to me as I have had enough already. As soon as I heard it, I went to hide behind the door as I was mad. I wanted to eat more dhokla and mom was not giving it to me so I did not want to eat lunch. My father started calling me to lunch I did not budge. He finally started looking around and found me crying. He asked me the reason and I told him I want Thokala (ठोकळा - a wooden block in Marathi). I had a nice wooden block set I used to play with all the time and my father got the box to me. I refused it and kept on asking and I kept on saying 'I want Thokala'! It went on for few more minutes and my mom interrupted us. She immediately came to know that it was about dhokla and not thokla when …

Stuffed Cabbage-Potato Paratha

Last weekend we spent the whole day in the backyard, planting, cleaning, weeding. And result was empty fridge with half head of red cabbage, few potatoes, chilies and cilantro. That was it. I really did not have energy to go for going grocery shopping. I wanted to make these cutlets. It is one delicious recipe of cutlets. I have made it various times in the past. But today I needed something filling for dinner. So I decided to make stuffing using similar combination for stuffed paratha. The result was amazing. It was one healthy and satisfying meal. And most importantly, everything was done in 30 minutes!!! Its a keeper recipe.

Stuffing - 1/2 Head of Red Cabbage (about 3 cups shredded) 1 Large Potato 2 Green Chilies (or per taste) Salt per taste
Cover - 2 cups Wheat Flour 2 tsp Red Chili Powder 1/4 cup Chopped Cilantro 1/2 tsp Turmeric Salt per taste 1 tbsp cumin Seeds 2 tbsp Sesame Seeds 1 tbsp Oil Water as needed
Preparation - Cover - Mix everything except water. Knead together usi…

Niloufer's Pomelo Salad

She raved about Niloufer's book 'My Bombay Kitchen', even wrote a post about it. After hearing so much I had to borrow the book and after reading it, I had own it. Niloufer's writing style is very casual but very informative at the same time. I am very much interested in the food habits of people and their culture. This books satisfies both my interests. Parsis traditions, their festivals and the kind of food they eat is so interesting to read.

Another interesting thing about this book is illustrations. Illustrations of everyday kitchen objects like tortoise shaped coconut grater to wooden flour sieve took me down the memory lane instantaneously. The best illustration from the book is of Parsi Food Pyramid!!!
I wanted to try something from the book for so long but was not able to settle on anything. Recently a friend told me about easy pomelo(called papanas in marathi) peeling technique from the book. I love pomelos but they are pain to peel. As a kid it used to be…

Khandeshi Style Methichi Bhaji

In last few days, I am receiving packets from my friends from Maayboli. There packages of some wonderful books and painting I wanted to have for a very long time, there are multiple packets of different seeds from various friends and then there is a friend who gave me bag full of vaal beans and another one gave me nice and shiny food grade silver leaf called varkh to be used on barfis and all. These are a bunch of wonderful friends who make me laugh, encourage me, make me think and make me understand various issues. And they are avid readers.
Set 1
And there is another group of friends with whom I can constantly talk about food. We have spent hours and hours talking about food, cooking methods and various cookbooks. They share their knowledge and listen to my constant chatter. These are on my 'go to' people's list when it comes to trying a new technic or recipe. And they love to read too!
I wanted to share something that I created myself that can be used as long as they want.…

Blog Bites - Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcakes

It was about 6-7 years ago when I discovered wonderful flavor of hazelnuts. It was my first visit to Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco. Their menu was full of all vegan choices and very creative names for all they offered. 'I Am Lusciously Awake' was the smoothie that had all my favorites - Hazelnut milk, Raw chocolate and Raw espresso. They make their coffee decoction using a very special equipment that does not use hot water. As you can imagine I just loved visiting that cafe every so often. My friends took me to this same cafe for my birthday dinner couple of years ago. The dinner was amazing as usual. But then they told the waitress about the special occasion and they offered a raw chocolate brownie and guess what was in it? Yes!!! Same wonderful hazelnuts! After that I started looking for hazelnuts in the chocolate based dessert.

I saw vendors selling hazelnuts in various flavors in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. And I had to buy it. I got raw, toasted and maple sugar co…