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Sprouted Red Cow Peas with Koli Masala

I love searching for new masalas to make or buy. India trips present better opportunities to do so. In the recent past my trips tend to go by so quickly that I hardly get any time to learn something or go shopping for masalas or lentils or other goodies. But I am very fortunate to get some great goodies from my friends. Last year ET went to India and met few fellow bloggers. During that visit, Anjali shared traditional Koli Masala with her. And ET generously shared that with us here!! It was my first time using Koli Masala, bright red color and very very flavorful. I fell in love with the taste. I made Cauliflower-Batata Rassa bhaji, tikhat moog daal. Next on the list to try was - Vaalache Birade. But winter is not a great season for sprouting lentils. I make only lentil and moong sprouts during winter. Kadave Vaal is a rare commodity for us, so I sprout them only when there is 100% chance of success. Anjali has mentioned in the comments that the recipe can be used to make any lentil…