Sprouted Red Cow Peas with Koli Masala

I love searching for new masalas to make or buy. India trips present better opportunities to do so. In the recent past my trips tend to go by so quickly that I hardly get any time to learn something or go shopping for masalas or lentils or other goodies. But I am very fortunate to get some great goodies from my friends. Last year ET went to India and met few fellow bloggers. During that visit, Anjali shared traditional Koli Masala with her. And ET generously shared that with us here!! It was my first time using Koli Masala, bright red color and very very flavorful. I fell in love with the taste. I made Cauliflower-Batata Rassa bhaji, tikhat moog daal. Next on the list to try was - Vaalache Birade. But winter is not a great season for sprouting lentils. I make only lentil and moong sprouts during winter. Kadave Vaal is a rare commodity for us, so I sprout them only when there is 100% chance of success. Anjali has mentioned in the comments that the recipe can be used to make any lentils. So I decided to sprout cow peas or red chauli and adapt birade recipe. And as expected, results were awesome. I can't wait to try the original Vaalache Birade this summer. I made few changes to the recipe so I am sharing it here. Anjali and ET, here is to you girls!!!

Sprouted Cow Peas

(Recipe is adapted from Anjali)
2-3 Cups Sprouted Cow Peas (Red Chauli) *
1 Small Red Onion
2-3 tbsp Fresh Coconut
2 Cloves of Garlic
1/2" Ginger
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Oil
Cilantro as needed
3/4 tsp Koli Masala
2 Kokums
Salt per taste
Hot Water as needed

Usal is ready!

Preparation - 
Chop onion to fine dice.
Now heat oil on kadhai, add onion and saute it until golden brown.
Add sprouts and mix thoroughly. Add about 2 cups of hot water, let whole thing boil. Cover and let it cook on low to medium heat for about 15-20 minutes.
Check after 8-10 minutes if it needs more water.
Meanwhile, grind ginger, garlic, coconut, cumin seeds and Koli Masala, and few sprigs of cilantro to make fine paste.
Once the sprouts are cooked, add salt, ground masala paste and kokum. Add water if needed. Mix and cover. Cook it for another 10 minutes. Sprouts should be cooked thoroughly.
Add more cilantro and enjoy with chapatis or rice.

This flavorful usal is on its way to my favorite event MLLA-58 hosted by Claire, started by Susan and now going strong at Lisa's Kitchen.

Tips - 
  1. *Sprouting cow peas is same as sprouting any other lentil. Soak them in water for 7-8 hours. Drain and spread over paper towel/cheese cloth for an hour. Keep them in a colander cover with damp cheese cloth and keep in warm place for 15-16 hours. Keep the cheese cloth damp by sprinkling little water in the morning and evening.
  2. I love my usals tangy, so I used kokum. 
  3. My spice tolerance level is very low so I decided not to use green chili. It was perfect for me!


  1. Yay! Mints So happy to see this post. First thing on my reader it appeared this morning and I came over to read. Glad you made all those recipes and more glad that you liked it. Cheers to this wonderful world of blogging and friendships. ET thank you for spreading the love! Hope to meet you someday!

    1. and the universe connects us :)

    2. Pleasure is mine Anjali!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sprouts! This looks so warm and nourishing, Mints - thanks for sending it to MLLA.

  3. Timely post! I have a packet of mized sprouts frozen for a rainy day, and I still have plenty of the koli masala stash that Anjali gifted so generously! Love that tikhat moong dal, so I bet I will like this too.

  4. Made these yesterday with mixed sprouts (matki, moog, masoor), and loved it. What an aroma!!

    I also added in some turmeric which was in Anjali's recipe, and because I was going for a warm golden hue.

  5. can you pls post how to make koli masala

    1. As I have mentioned in the post, I got Koli Masala as a gift and it was shared by Anjali of http://annaparabrahma.blogspot.com/. She also sells this Masala.


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