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Leafy Green Vegetables

Maharashtrians use lots of leafy vegetables in their day-to-day cooking. It was mandatory to eat leafy greens everyday when we were kids. Now I am glad that I got to taste so much variety.

Here is my attempt to give pictorial view to some of the very commonly available greens. I will keep on adding more pictures to this page. I have recipes of for most of these greens on my blog. Please try and look for these beauties in your local farmers markets, grocery stores and and try them.

तांदुळजा/हिरवा माठ (Chinese Spinach) -

लाल माठ (Red Amaranth) -

राजगिरा (Amaranth) -

शेपू (Dill) -

चंदन बटवा (Bathua) -

चाकवत - 

आंबट चुका (Green Sorrel) -

पालक (Spinach) - 

मायाळू (Malabar Spinach) -

मेथी (Fenugreek) -

घोळ (Purslane leaves) -

चिवळ / चिऊची भाजी -

लाल भोपळ्याची पाने (Pumpkin leaves) -

करडी / करडई (Safflower leaves) -

आळूची पाने (Colocasia  leaves / Taro leaves / Elephant ear leaves) -

हरभऱ्याची पाने (Garbanzo leaves) - 

आंबाडी (गोंगुरा / Red Sorrel) -

मुळ्याचा पाला (Radish Leaves) - 

कांद्याची पात (Green Onio…

उडदाचे पापड आणि आठवणी

शाळांमधील उन्हाळ्याच्या सुट्ट्यांमधे आजुबाजुच्या घरी पोळपाट-लाटणी घेऊन पापड करायला यायचे 'निमंत्रण' आम्हाला मिळत असे. मम्मीला शिवणाचे बरेच काम असल्याने त्या कामावर माझी रवानगी होत असे. आमचा घरचा पोळपाट पांढरट सनमायका लावलेला होता. आणि बर्‍याच मुलींना त्यावर पापड लाटायची इच्छा असायची. त्यामुळे सगळ्या मैत्रिणी त्या दिवसापुरत्या का होईना माझ्याशी नीट बोलत. हीच कथा दिवाळीच्या करंज्या करताना!

या उन्हाळीसामानाच्या, उद्या मी करते, परवा तू कर अशा बायकांमधे चर्चा होताना कधी-मधी ऐकायला यायच्या. वळवाच्या पावसाच्या अंदाजानुसार एकेकीचे बेत ठरायचे. बरोबरीने कुणाच्या पाटावरच्या शेवया, कुणाच्या मशीनवर केलेल्या शेवया, भाजीचे सांडगे, तळणीचे सांडगे, खिच्चे, बटाट्याचे पापड, वेफर्स, उपासाच्या चकल्या, कुरवड्या, भातवड्या, पापड्या, सालपापड्या असे विविध प्रकार बायका करत असत. त्यातही काहींचा अगदी सरळसोट कारभार असे तर काही त्यातही वेगवेगळे रंग वगैरे घालून वेगळेपण दाखवत. एखाद्याच्या घरात जर लग्न असेल तर मग दुप्पटीने करायचे असे. आणि मुलीचे लग्न असेल तर मग रंगीत पापड वगैरे रुखवतासाठी केले जाई. गव्हले, माल…

Maharashtrian Style Chili Lime Pickle (Mirachiche Lonache)

My family has been growing green chilies in the family farm for generations. It might be because the region gets very less rains. The variety we grow is called Sankeshwari Chilies. It is moderately hot and moderately red in color. I remember we actually never buy chili powder from store as yearly supply is send to us by my uncle. In the past he also grew some Byadagi chilies just for home and mixed it with the Sankeshwari to give bright red color to the chili powder. I think later he stopped doing it.

My Ajji used to make awesome pickles from chilies like Maeen Mula (sorry no picture) and green chilies, Green mangoes and chilies, Green Mangoes and Garlic and many more combinations. There is a very special pickle made in the region called Channyache Lonache (छन्न्याचे लोणचे). Channya is very similar to Parwar. But I am not hundred percent sure about how close these two vegetables are to each other.

But my favorite pickle is Chili Lime Pickle as it is the most flavorful pickle in my op…

TiLachi vaDi or chikki - Sesame Brittle

तिळगूळ घ्या गोड बोला।।

Makar Sankrant is just around the corner. It marks end of winter solstice. It is believed that the Sun starts moving towards Northern Hemisphere on this day by length of one sesame seed! This is the only festival in India is celebrated by Solar calendar, all others are celebrated according to Lunar calendar. It is celebrated all over India. It is called Sankrant in most of Northern India and as Pongal in Southern India.
It is winter time in India in January so Sesame seeds are used in abundance.  It is believed that people should eat more healthy oils during winter time to fight cold weather. Jaggery produces heat and believed to be better for health if eaten during wintertime.

Making chikki or brittle is easy but can be tricky. It needs little patience to make it crispy and not chewy. Here is my mom's recipe which she learned from my grandmother (her mother-in-law). My mom makes the best chikkis ever! I learnt to make these from her when I was in college. …

Light Paav Bhaaji

Paav Bhaji is a crowd pleasing one dish meal that almost everyone loves. I like to slurp the bhaji with least amount of paav(breads) possible. I like the taste of all the vegetables together and spicy soup like paav bhaji. Everyone has their own recipe and they swear by its authenticity and I am no different. I like my vegan version of Paav Bhaji with crusty sourdough bread. Little while ago a friend told me she uses Kasuri Methi to garnish at the end and I tried that and fell in love with it. Another time different friend told me she uses mushrooms instead of potatoes and she loves that version. I am not a great fan of mushroom so I have not tried that version.

Later one day when I was making paav bhaji I remembered the conversation and wanted to cut down number of potatoes. So I decided to use big chunk of Dudhi or Ash Gourd which was eagerly waiting in my fridge to be used in something fancy(or not)! I had to pay attention to few things while making the final version but the gener…