Western Maharashtrian Thalis - Guest post for Sailu's Kitchen

Sailaja of Sailu's kitchen asked me to write another article about the Western Maharashtrian food that I grew up with. This cuisine is very dear to my heart and my daily cooking is still based on the recipes from this region.

Thali prepared by my Mom

Clockwise from top - Matakichi Amati, Dry Zunaka, Jwarichi Bhakari, Mirachiche Lonache (Chili Pickle), Koshimbir, Dollop of Home Churned Butter

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  1. mouth watering. I miss this so much. I grew up on this staple food too

  2. You did a simply amazing job with that essay!! Took me on a journey, really.

    1. Thank you Nupur! I am sure you could relate to some parts of it :)

  3. सऽहीऽऽऽ! ताट पाहूनच भूक खवळली! :-)

  4. Your essay made me feel nostalgic. Its such a great snapshot of the food I grew up eating.

    1. Thank you Uma, I felt very nostalgic too while I was writing :)


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