Blog Bites #2: Gunpowder

Its been years since I ate amazingly tasty gunpowder. I think I must have tasted it at some restaurant and fell in love with hot and sour taste. But it took me a while to know what exactly it was. In early 90's one elderly couple moved in our neighborhood from Pune. Uncle was a priest and used to do different poojas and and aunty was nice homely lady. They were a Kannad speaking couple and as my father speaks Kannada they became our family friends instantly. Uncle and aunty both were really good cooks. Simple sambar, rassam also tasted wonderful when they made it. I tasted best gunpowder ever made by this couple. It tasted great with everything including usual staples like Idli, dosa and curd rice. I loved it sprinkled over toasted bread with dab of butter. They suddenly had to move to another town due to some personal reasons. They gave a big bag of gunpowder before they left. We stayed in touch for few years but it never occurred to me or my mom to take a recipe from him and make it ourselves. It was when I came here, I realized it but by then they had moved somewhere else. I was searching for a good gunpowder recipe since long time and I came across MTR's readymade chutney pudi. It was not the greatest but I could live with that for a while.


I was searching for gunpowder recipes on my favorite search engine, and in the first few results I found this recipe. I knew her as great knitter. Looking at the recipes and food items that she has posted on her blog she is a foodie like me. Her recipe was so great with step by step photos and her mom making it. I didn't need to look any further. I was just waiting to finish my store bought chutney so I can make my own.

All together it took me not more than 20-25 minutes from start to finish and this amazingly tasty chutney was ready for us to enjoy. I made idlis and dosas in the same week to enjoy it. My favorite way to enjoy chutney with nice and soft idlis and little bit of olive oil. It is heaven in your plate.


I did not make any changes to the proportions or ingredients as the original recipe is just perfect. Thanks desikntter for such a wonderful recipe. And I think it is perfect entry for Nupur's Blog bites #2 - Copy Cat edition.

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  1. What a perfect entry! Thank you so much for participating- I am really craving gunpowder right this minute :)

  2. Chutney powder sounds too good..nice picture too..

  3. chutney pudi looks so nice..great to have with idlis..

  4. Thanks so much for trying it out - I am delighted that you liked it! I think I must make a batch again myself :-)

  5. desiknitter's mom makes great chutneys! I can vouch for that. This gunpowder has been on my list *ever since* she posted it.

  6. Fresh idalies and this :) Can't wait :)

  7. How incredible does that look. I'd love to scoop up some of that with a crispy-edged dosa. Yum!

  8. Nupur - glad you liked the entry.

    Nithu - thank you and welcome here.

    Deepa - it surely is great with idlis.

    Desiknitter - thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

    ET - Oh you should make this. The combination of flavors is just too good.

    Vaishali - Thank you. Sprinkle this chutney and earthbalance on dosa ... I myself drooling on keyboard ;)

  9. Mmm this gunpowder chutney looks very tasty and spicy..i love the name gunpowder..very apt :)

  10. Thanks Parita! Even though name is gunpowder, this particular chutney is not very spicy.

  11. Acha.. Gunpowder is not spicy??!! :) Love the name! Nice post! Cheers!

  12. SS - I used byadagi red chili powder so it gives nice deep red color but its not much spicy.


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