Leftover Magic: Breadchi Bhaji

Mummy rarely bought bread loaf on regular basis. Once a month or may be even more than that sometimes. We had very few good bakeries and getting a good bread was difficult. Few times we got bread was usually eaten as sandwiches or with butter and chili pickle. That was my favorite combination with bread. Once in a while, it was used in cutlets or eaten with some kind of usal. And most savored dish made out of day old bread - bread chi bhaji!!! Once in a while we would tell mummy to buy bread just to make this bhaji. It was something we all loved.

I used to visit some of our relatives in Kolhapur and they would buy the bread just to make this bhaji for breakfast. My mom used to just make uneven pieces and make the upma but in Kolhapur, it was always cut using knife. And I loved the way it looked. Of course both types tasted equally great. On the other hand my sister-in-law makes fine crumbs and then makes it upma style. And that tastes great too.

After coming to US, I made it once using the white sandwich bread. And people who have used it know how soft it is. And the bhaji turned out horrible. It stuck in the mouth, onion and oil did not cover the bread pieces. And I never tried to make it again until recently. Only thing I changed this time was used Sourdough bread. I had got some nice sourdough bread from farmers market. I used few pieces and rest was sitting in the fridge waiting to be used. Saturday after morning walk I decided to use it to make much wanted breadchi bhaji.

Bread Bhaji

5-6 Large slices of Sourdough Bread
3-4 Green Chilies
1 large onion
10-15 peanuts (optional)
Salt per taste
Pinch of Sugar
Chopped Cilantro
For Tempering - 2 tbsp Oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, pinch of turmeric, few curry leaves

Cubed Sourdough Bread

Preparation -

>Chop onion, chilies and cilantro.
Cube the bread 1/2 inch pieces.
Heat oil in large thick bottom pan.
Make phodni as usual using mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, turmeric.
Add chopped chilies and fry for a minute. Add peanuts and fry until golden brown.
Now add onion and saute until golden brown.
Add half of chopped bread. Add little bit salt and pinch of sugar. Add rest of the bread.
Mix very well to make sure all the bread pieces are covered with tempering.
Cover for few minutes. Add chipped cilantro and mix thoroughly.
Eat while its warm.

Tips -
  • Please do not use wheat/white bread if you are in U.
  • You will need some sturdy bread for this.
  • You can use roasted peanut powder instead of whole peanuts.
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  1. We used to call it bread cha kuskura and you are so right, the white bread here makes it sticky like you made it with paper instead of bread!
    Like your family, bread was never a staple growing up in my family either. It was very rarely brought, probably for bread omelette and then the leftover used up like above. Thank you for reminding me. :)

  2. We too bought 'pav' sometimes just to make this. One of my favorite activities was tearing up the bread into even sized pieces! My mom's recipe is exactly like yours, just no peanuts (that must be the desh touch!).

  3. Mints, I remember this too, so well, from my childhood. I still make it sometimes because I love the crispy, crunchy bread mixed with spices. You've made it so beautifully.

  4. That soft white bread isn't good for much except French toast or grilled cheese sandwiches - all air, no substance.

    These seasoned, fried cubes would be a great topping to toss on a salad.

  5. Heard about bread uppma but this is a minus the veggies, makes me want to try your recipe.

  6. i used to call bread cha kuskura as well jaya..but yeah good thing u puted in here cause many people dont know


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