Coffee once Again - filter coffee that is!

Its a very rare occasion for someone to come my place just for coffee. Mostly people are over for brunch, lunch or dinner. So when my uncle and aunt visit me just for coffee, I enjoy  those visits for 2 reasons, my family is visiting me me and someone who enjoys my coffee!
My friend Sowjanya and her mother-in-law introduced me to filter coffee about 4-5 years ago. Just 2 sips are enough to wake you up! But it took me those many years to get my own filter when Deepika gave me a small filter. Sripriya gave me proportion of how much coffee powder for that particular filter will make decent decoction. Priti gave me ideas on which brand of coffee  is aromatic and has nice full body.

Thank you Sowjanya, Deepika, Sripriya and Priti for a nice cup of coffee! This one is for you! 

Kulhad and the plate under it is handmade by me.  
The filter I have is of size 3/4 cup. I put about 4-5 tbsp Cotha Coffee powder in the sieve portion of the filter then pour boiling water and close the lid. In about 20-25 minutes you will get nice decoction. 
Boil 3/4 cup of milk (I use soymilk or 1% milk), add 1 tsp sugar and then pour 1/4 portion of decoction. Don't boil coffee with milk. Cuppa coffee is ready! 

This coffee is also going for Click: Coffee or Tea to Jugalbandi.

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