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Fruit Salad

Fruit salad sounds like very summer dessert, doesn't it? My family always enjoyed it during Ganapati and Diwali festival. And you might be wondering, why? How? Well, we always got at least 5 different fruits for pooja . And when you have so many fruits best way to enjoy them was to make fruit salad! But somehow I rarely made it after coming to US and there was one particular reason behind not making it - chikoos. I love sweet chikoos in my fruit salad, it makes the fruit salad thicken a bit.

Last year, I suddenly found bananas, apples, pears, mangoes and oranges in my fruit basket before going on 4 days vacation. And I had to make something and not let them go waste. My mom immediately thought of making fruit salad, and she single made it in the afternoon while I was in office. And combination of slightly ripe pears and mangoes together made the fruit salad thicken a little. I have made the fruit salad multiple times after that.

There are no particular proportions I follow, you c…

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