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Here is English version of this recipe - http://vadanikavalgheta.googlepages.com/stuffedeggplants(maharashtrianstyle)

Bhakri, VangyachI bhaji, Chutney

आमच्या एका मित्राला, संदीपला, भरल्या वांग्याची भाजी खुप आवडते पण वृषाली, संदीपची बायको, वांग्याचा कोणताही पदार्थ् खाऊ शकत नाही. तिला भाकरी खुप आवडतात पण तो भाकरी कशीबशी खातो. त्या दोघाना खुष करण्यासाठी मधे एकदा भरल्या वांग्याची भाजी आणि भाकरी असा बेत केला होता. काल अचानक आलकाच्या Just For You! event ची announcement पहिली म्हणुन मराठीमधे असलेली रेसिपी इंग्लिशमधे केली आणि आता Just For You! साठी पाठवत आहे.

मुळची मराठी रेसिपी इथे आहे - http://www.vadanikavalgheta.blogspot.com/2007/03/blog-post_7214.html


  1. I love anything with brinjals,and to be honest ,i ate this stuffed brinjal at one of my Mahrashtrian friend, and it was so flavorful.alas during those times i was not aware that i will be so much in cooking and blogging(i was in junior college then) or else i would have note down the recipe of it.
    So u can easily imagine my happiness when i got this right in my mailbox
    Thanks for sending it for entry,i will surely try it out to revive those beautiful memories of wonderful days with friends

  2. Thanks Alka for visiting my blog!
    I hope my recipe is as good as you ate at your friend's place.


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