Cracked Wheat Sanja with Jaggery

(गुळाचा सांजा)

I always try to find excuses to make sweets. Any reason is a good reason for me. This one is is very easy to make so gets made often. I remember my grandma used to send red chili powder made from chilies grown in our farm, some home grown peanuts and small bag of cracked wheat also known as Keshari Rava. She used to make at home all by herself from fine wheat grown in the fields. My mom used to make this sanja with that and rarely used any ghee or oil to make. Recently a friend of mine told me to use ginger powder with this and I tried reluctantly. It came out even more tastier than usual.

Godacha sanja

I have been taking pottery lessons for past 4-5years. Every pot I made is inspired by some other potter or pot. This piece was inspired by the spring. I used the pot for sanja recently.

Spring Inspired Bowl

1 cup cracked wheat/bulgur (smallest variety)
1 cup Jaggery
3-4 Water
1 tsp Dry ginger powder
1 tsp Cardamom powder
1/4 tsp Nutmeg powder
1 tbsp Oil
Chopped Almonds, Chopped cashews, Raisins - Per taste

Preparation -

Dry roast cracked wheat. Add 1 tbsp oil at the end and set it aside. Mix 3 cups of water and jaggery in a vessel and boil it on medium flame. Add ginger powder, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, chopped nuts and raisins to the mixture when it starts boiling. Lower the flame and add roasted cracked wheat mixing it well. Cover it and let it cook. Let the wheat cook well checking every couple of minutes. You might have to add 1/2 cup of water if the wheat is not fully cooked and there is no water in the mixture. Once wheat is cooked fully, let it sit covered for 4-5 minutes on low flame.

Tips -
1. This quantity should enough for about 4-5 people.
2. You can use this sanja for 'Saanjyachi Poli' but then do not use raisins or nuts.


  1. You're talented, Mints. Love that pot!
    Sanjha is the same as sheera, no? My mom made something like that too-- it was delicious.

  2. Thank You Vaishali! Sanja is similar to sheera I think the difference is the texture.

  3. liked it , agadi aai chi athwan aali


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