Garlic Chutney

Chutneys is something my husband has to have in plate. Even if the food is exceptionally good he will need some kind chutney in his plate. And if there is a non Indian food for dinner he will add more sauce or may be take more dipping sauces. He is just chutney fanatic. He himself makes good green chutney, red chutney from Khandesh and one kind of dry peanut chutney that he has learned from his mom. Garlic chutney is something I always have on my table. I am not too big fan of raw garlic. So this is one of the least favorite chutney. This recipe is very common among Maharashtrians and is method of making is almost same for everyone. Now you must be wondering why would I post the recipe if its something that I rarely (or do not) enjoy. A friend recently had it at my place and wanted the recipe is one good reason another one is I wanted to show off the pot that I had made for chutney to keep on table.

This particular pot is very dear to my heart as I have done everything from start to finish by myself as my teacher was not sure what kind of lid I wanted. I made the lid that is perfectly fitting. I think its enough meme and I should get back to the recipe -

1 cup chopped/grated dry coconut
6-7 cloves of garlic
1-1.5 tbsp chili powder
salt per taste

Preparation -
I usually buy dried coconut which comes as small bowls from Indian stores instead of desiccated or grated coconut for this chutney and grate or chop it myself. But you can always use store brought grated dry coconut. Add all the ingredients in grinder and grind till it forms coarse powder. Adjust chili powder, salt if necessary. This chutney stays good for couple of months.

Tips -
1. You can adjust garlic proportion according to your taste. My father likes it with more garlic than what I can handle.
2. As always, you ca adjust chili powder.
3. You can add some sesame seeds to this and make coconut-sesame chutney.


  1. This is my favorite chutney too. Pot is really nice. I agree with ur husband......Davi baju nehmi ujavich tharli pahije :)

  2. This chutney can make a meal. No need for the ujavi bajoo!
    Another wonderful variation is the addition of sunflower seeds.

  3. So pretty! Did u go to any pottery class? Love those designs.

  4. Khaugiri, :)

    TC - I have not tried sunflower seeds will sure do. I have tried different chutney with pine nuts but they are very oily.

    Divya - Thanks and yes I take pottery lessons.

  5. wow how strange!..this is exactly whats favorite in my inlaws place..

    check this out teh karam podi post..:)..nice to know!


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