Click 07-09: Bi-Colour

मुळ्याची कोशिंबीर

Ashwini's 'Three Mice Radish Raita' came to my mind as soon as I read about Click: Bi-Colour on Jugalbandi. I have been using these with tomato flowers and carrot flowers to decorate my salad and koshimbeer.

Mice on Dinner Plate

The recipe is pretty simple -

1 cup Grated Radish
2 tbsp fresh grated coconut
salt, sugar - per taste
1 tsp lemon/lime juice (optional)

I use fine grater to grate radishes as I like delicate look of it. Mix everything together and serve immediately. Red radishes are less pungent than daikon we get in India. If you are using daikon, I will suggest let the grated radish sit for 15 min and squeeze out all the water and then make this koshimbeer. Squeezed water can be used in any other sabji you are cooking.


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