Here is a fruit bouquet to celebrate the lovely award by Jaya and Vaishali. Thank you both for sharing the award with me.

Fruit Bouquet For Celebration

Here are some (non)interesting things about me -

1. As a child I was extremely slow and would take at least an hour to finish my lunch or dinner. My mom would get mad at me almost daily (make that multiple times). A classmate from 4th grade who knew that 'slow' me, met me in grad school. After observing me for couple of days, she said just because I know only one girl with that name, I have to believe its you otherwise you have changed drastically!

2. My mom once made dhokla and she did not give me more than one piece as it would have upset my stomach. I still remember the corner of the house where I sat crying and saying 'I want Thokla (means block in Marathi)' and my father gave me wooden blocks of alphabets and I refused is saying not this Thokla, the eating kind! I guess my love for dhokla started back then when I was not even 4 years old.

3. You can call me jack of all trades but master of none! I love to learn things may that be embroidery, painting, knitting, crocheting, pottery or any art. I still love to spend hours playing with needle and thread or mud.

4. I worked as a faculty in a Computer Science department where my students were just a year younger to me. I really had a blast. There were times when students from other department treated me as one of them unknowingly and then apologized later for being rude.

5. I love pets. As a kid I wanted to have a cat as pet and I got one from a friend. My mom immediately asked me to return it because we were too young to take care of it. Later we owned 3 dogs. My dad was against paying money to get a purebred dog so our dogs were some stray dogs that we adopted at early age.

6. I rarely watch new bollywood movies. But Chupke Chupke is my favorite one and can watch that any day and any number of times.

7. I got interested in cooking at a very early age. My mom, all my grandmas and aunts are really good cooks. I have been making bhakri since I was 12 years old. And I rally cant name one single dish as my favorite dish. I am always ready to try any vegan/partial vegetarian food and will try recreate it.

I am not going to nominate anyone as all of you are really great bloggers and creative in a way that is very unique. I have learned something from each of you. So here is to you all -


  1. Mints, the bouquet is beautiful. And I have to say, I too was slow with my food. My aaji would say I drank Amrut before I was born since I would take forever to finish my food. Ditto on 3 and 6 too! I do not watch recent Bollywood movies but Chupke Chupke, Ijazat and all the 70 era movies are my favorites too. :)

  2. The fruit bouquet is adorable! Wonder why blogger makes the pictures so small and puts that ugly border too? Is there something u can do abt it? That bouquet is just picture-perfect otherwise :)

  3. hello Mints,
    saw u r pottery pics and they are awesome! Where did u learn to do pottery ? I live in Fremotn too and wud be intersted to try it..


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