Kacchi Dabeli Sandwich

'Dabeli' was something that I ate very late in life but I am glad that I did. It is very different than any other quick meals that you get. Its not deep fried and does not have tons of butter, or may be it does and I did not notice. I still remember I had it first near 'HongKong Lane' Pune. Those who know Pune, very well know what lane I am talking about. There was this small book store at the end of the lane and then there was a Dabeliwala with his bicycle. He would warm the potato mixture spoon it on the paav and then generously apply green and tamarind chutneys, sprinkle shev, masala peanuts and pomegranate seeds and voila! the dabeli was ready to enjoy. It was fun to watch him do the whole process and the dabeli was definitely one of the better tasting ones.

In recent India visit I saw a vendor was selling 'Amul butter Dabeli' in Bombay and I kept on wondering why would someone want to add butter on such a tasty filling. But I guess there are people who like that as well that is why he is selling it.

My friend Priya got me a packet of Dabeli masala from India and I am still using it and another blogger shared some from her stash so I had plenty of reasons to share my version of recipe.

Kacchi Dabeli Sandwich

I started making sandwiches instead of making traditional style dabeli as its easier to carry it for picnics or lunches.

Potato Filling -
2-3 medium potatoes boiled
1 tbsp dabeli masala
salt and red chili powder to taste
1 tbsp oil

Green Chutney -
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 cup mint leaves
1-2 green chilies
salt, sugar and lime juice - per taste

Sweet Chutney -
3 tbsp tamarind pulp (as thick as possible)
6-7 pitted dates
2-3 tbsp jaggery
salt, red chili powder - per taste
pinch of cumin powder (optional)

Masala Peanuts -
1 tbsp oil
1/4 cup dry roasted peanuts
salt, red chili powder - per taste

Other ingredients -
8 slices of bread (I use whole wheat bread)
Chopped cilantro
Few cut grapes
Finely chopped onion (optional)
Garlic chutney

Preparation -

  1. Potato filling - Skin the potatoes and mash them. Heat oil in skillet and add 1/4 tbsp dabeli masala to it. Add mashed potatoes, remaining masala, salt, red chili powder and mix it well. Add couple tbsp of water to the mixture if needed. Cover it for couple of minutes and turn off the gas. Make 4 portions of the filling.
  2. Chutneys - Grind all the ingredients of green chutney and set it aside. Also grind all the ingredients of sweet chutney and set it aside.
  3. Masala Peanuts - in a small skillet, heat oil and add roasted peanuts. Saute till nuts turn golden brown. Add salt and chili powder after taking it off the heat and set that aside as well. Let them cool down so you can handle them.
  4. Apply green chutney on 4 slices of bread. Apply potato filling on these four slices of bread evenly. Apply sweet chutney over the potato filling and sprinkle 4-5 peanuts on. Now sprinkle garlic chutney, chopped onion, cilantro, grapes. Cover with remaining four slices.
  5. Using the sandwich maker make the sandwiches as usual. If you do not have sandwich maker then heat a tava/skillet. Apply few drops of oil to the skillet and set the bread slices down. Let them turn brown on one side then turn and then cook the other side till golden brown. Serve warm with ketchup or prepared green and sweet chutney.
Tips -
  1. All the things can be prepared in advance and make the sandwiches as and when needed.
  2. The potato feeling can be used for stuffed parathas, it tastes yummm :)


  1. Looooooooks good and I love dabeli so much.. yummy and in bread wow nice idea..

  2. I love dabelis, one of my fav chaat food, sandwich is a nice idea, wish i cud get dabeli masala here too

  3. Parita,

    Ashwini has given the recipe of dabeli masala here. see if you want to make it yourself.

    Thanks Pavithra!

  4. you know i had dabeli for the first time last week!
    loved it.
    your detailed post comes just in time for me to re-create it and drive away some of the homesickness.

  5. TC, :) I am sure you enjoyed the flavors.

  6. Sandwiches have become my comfort recently. Will try this sometime.

  7. Mints I too had Dabeli very late in life. When I was almost 28. But I loved it. Haven't had it in a couple of years though cause never made it myself. Will try to get the debeli masala and try it soon.
    It is such a coinicidence. I too posted a grilled potato sandwich on my last post!

  8. I am going to try this out for sure!!

  9. Jaya and Divya - try out and see. Jaya I saw your recipe such a coincident.

    AD, welcome!


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