Strawberry Lemonade and B&W Wednesday

Original Marathi recipe is here -

Farmers markets are again overflowing with strawberries. This is late summer or early autumn crop and is best for making jams etc. We currently have nice warm weather to give justice to these beauties. It is just perfect weather for strawberry lemonade. Here is instant crowd pleaser recipe -

 Strawberry cubes -
10-12 Large Strawberries
10-15 Mint Leaves
1-2 tbsp Sugar (per taste)
pinch of Salt

Lemonade -
1 Large Lemon
3 cups of Water
Sugar per taste
* Salt per taste
Preparation - 
Wash and hull the strawberries. Quarter these roughly.
Grind washed mint leaves, chopped strawberries, salt and sugar per taste.
Pour in ice trays and freeze them until set. Strawberry cubes are ready.
Make lemonade as usual by squeezing lemon in water and then stir sugar and pinch of salt in until dissolved.
Chill lemonade until you are ready to serve.
Pour lemonade in a glass and add strawberry and serve. Strawberry cube will start flavoring the lemonade while its melting.

Here is a B&W picture capturing beauty of perfect California Strawberries for Susan's Black and White event that happens every Wednesday.


Tips - 
  • * If you are an Indian like me then you might want to add pinch of salt in your lemonade :) 
  • You can make the cubes with any one type of berry or mixed berries. 
  • These cubes can be frozen for future use.
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  1. The salt in the lemonade made me laugh-- I remember the salty-sweet nimbu sharbat we'd get in Indian restaurants. :) What a delicious idea to use strawberries in lemonade, and it looks so pretty, Mints.

  2. A very sweet strawberry shot, Mints. I love seeing the tiny, tiny seeds quilting the shiny surfaces. Thank you for your great BWW photo.


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