KumaThyache Pohe a.k.a. Kalayile Phovu

Kalavalele Pohe

It was about 3 years ago when I had taste of this poha for the first time. I was visiting my cousin in Bangalore and she decided to give me the taste of Kumatha Pohe. Her mother-in-law in from Kumatha and is an excellent cook. I was curiously watching her make this: Few ingredients  - Patal Pohe (thin poha), some jaggery, salt, nice fresh raw coconut and bright and red masala powder. She asked me if I can eat some raw onions that early in the morning, I said - it depends! She decided to make some with raw onion and some without.

That masala was something different from  anything I had tasted before. Around Kolhapur, Belgaum  you get this bright and red variety of a chilies called as 'Bedagi/Byadagi' not very hot but flavorful. If you use even a small amount the whole dish looks very red and this masala had this chili powder.
Finally I had these pohe and believe it or not I totally fell in love with the taste. My cousin offered some masala to take with me to US but unfortunately I forgot the pouch and landed here.  I called her to ask about the ingredients and her reply was simple - It comes from Kumatha! HAHAHA!
 Now I was desperately searching  for the recipe and after about 2 years or so I happened to see it on Shilpa's blog. I tried it immediately and successfully recreated the same taste.

I also followed the same recipe that Shilpa has!! Simple ingredients and so flavorful. Thanks to Shilpa!

Pohe on the way to Nupur's 'MBP July 08: Less is More!' event!

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  1. i tried instant lemon pickle, but it was too bitter. what might have went wrong. i took care it was rough paste n not fine. pls suggest

  2. May be a seed or two accidentally got left out when you were grinding the pickle. You can add couple of tablespoons more sugar to cut down the bitterness. Also grinding is dependent on the your grinder/blender power.

    I would suggest, from next time, add comment on the actual recipe that will help others as well.


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