बेक्ड पिचेस आणि ब्लुबेरीज विथ व्हॅनीला आईसक्रीम & Awards!! (Baked peaches and bluberrires with vanilla ice creme)

Here is English version of this recipe

अवार्ड्स सेलीब्रेट करण्यासाठी काहीतरी गोड हवेच नाही का? बेक्ड पिचेस आणि ब्लुबेरीज विथ व्हॅनीला आईसक्रीम कसे वाटते?

१ पीच
१५-२० ब्लुबेरीज
१/२ संत्र्याचा रस
१ टेबल्स्पून साखर
कृती - ओव्हन ३२५ डिग्री फॅरेनहाईटवर तापवायला ठेवावा. पिच धुवुन मधोमध चिरुन बी काढुन टाकावे. त्याचे पातळ उभे काप करावेत. एका बेकिंग डिशला ऍल्युमिनिअम फॉइल लावावी. त्यावर पिचेसचे तुकडे पसरावेत. त्यावर धुतलेल्या ब्लुबेरीज पसराव्यात. संत्र्याचा रस काढुन पिचेसवर पसरावा. त्यावर साखर भुरभुरावी. हा ट्रे ओव्हनमधे ठेवावा. साधारण २५ मिनीटे बेक करावे. तेवढ्यात पिचेस अगदी मऊ नाही तरी ब-यापैकी शिजतात. ट्रे बाहेर काढुन ५-७ मिनीटे गार होऊ द्यावा.एका बाऊलमधे आईसक्रीम घेउन त्यावर पिचेसचे मिश्रण घालावे. लगेचच खायला द्यावे.
मी स्वतः आईसक्रीम खाउ शकत नाही म्हणुन मग मी बेक केलेली फळे नुसतीच खाल्ली. एकदम मस्त लागली.

Baked peaches and blueberries with Vanilla Ice Creme

धन्यवाद दिक्षा, तुला मिळालेले आवार्ड्स माझ्याशी शेअर केल्याबद्दल!
मला खुप फूड ब्लॉगर्स माहीती नाहीत म्हणुन ५ लोकाना टॅग करु शकणार नाही. पण ४ जणीना करते

इवॉल्व्हींग टेस्ट्स
द कुकर

Blog award

दिक्षा, तुझे फ्रेंडशिप अवॉर्ड शेअर केल्याबद्दल पण धन्यवाद.

हे फेंडशीप अवॉर्ड मी खालील चौघींबरोबर शेअर करते.

इवॉल्व्हींग टेस्ट्स
द कुकर


खालील प्रश्न इंग्लिशमधे असल्याने उत्तरे पण इंग्लिशमधे.
1. What was I doing ten years ago?
Working as a Statistics Lecturer!

2. Five things on Today's "To do" list
Work on this post
send tag messages to 4 girls i have chosen to pass on my awards.
planning the next recipe
planting some vegetables in the backyard.

3.I am addicted to:

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Stop working and be a teacher for a school which is in need of teachers. May be travel around the world.

5. Places I have lived:
Karad, Kolhapur, Pune, Santa Clara and Fremont.


  1. Killer! tyaawar chocolate sauce kasaa lagel?

  2. Hi Mints,
    तुझे खुप अभिनंदन तुला मिळालेल्या अवार्डस् साठी..
    आणि धन्यवाद हे अवार्डस् माझ्याबरोबर् शेअर केल्याबद्दल..

  3. Wow baked fruits and vanilla icecream ...mastach lagel!
    Tuhi aata mazhya blogrollvar aahes :)
    Mi hirvya safarchandachi koshimbir try keli hoti ..phar avadli!

  4. UMMMM....delish, Mints! I could lick it if I had the means to!

  5. Sumedha - jyat tyat chocolate ka ;) jokes apart mala vatate fruits chi jav jail. vaait ajibatach laganar nahi.

    Vaidehi - anytime!

    Diksha - Thanks! and Thanks!

    Sunshinemom - hehehehe :)

  6. पिचेस तव्यावर किंवा ग्रिलवर ग्रिलकरुनही छान लागतात.

  7. Yes Sangita, I have tried both.

  8. A much belated Thanks for the awards! btw, have you tried Trader Joe's (or other) soymilk icecreams? Some of them are really good.

  9. ET - you are welcome! I have tried some of the Soy ice creams some do have eggs so can't eat them.

  10. Mints...I know I am late, wishes for you and your family a great 2009!...why no new posts!

  11. HelloV.

    I bought a package of Kanda Lasoon Masala which lead me to find recipes on the internet on how to use it. It appears to have ingredients in it that I have not seen in other masalas and am looking forward to using it. That being said, I found your recipe for Kanda Batatta Rassa and am going to make it, but I did not understand what you mean when you say: "For tempering" Does this mean to saute the ingredients in the pan with oil prior to placing the next series of ingredients into the pan? I cook from many cultures, but have been a little shy to try Indian food because there are so many regions and their is a complexity for which sometimes I cannot get ingredients.

    We have an Asian Market in Tucson, Arizona and it actually provides many exotics roots, sauces, vegetables, fruits, sea and freshwater fish from all around the world. Now there is no excuse - other than our tremendous heat here. Many thanks. Deb

    1. Hi Deb,

      Welcome to my blog. I am excited to see that you are planning to cook with Kanda Lasun Masala (translated as - Onion-Garlic-Masala). It is one of my favorite masala to use. Indian cooking may seem complicated but you can start with very easy recipes like you are planning now with the Kanda Batata Rassa.

      As for the tempering, yes you will heat oil and add the tempering ingredients one by one before adding next series of ingredients.

      Good luck with your cooking adventure and hope you enjoy cooking with Kanda Lasun Masala as much as I do.


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