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Peeth Perun Bhaji

Peeth - Flour
Perun - Sprinkled

Knitting is one passion I come back to after trying various other hobbies. I rarely come back empty handed when I visit yarn stores. Actually I should say that with all my visits to any arts and crafts stores. But knitting is one hobby lets me help others just a little bit. Few years ago I found out about a knitting group in my office and and I joined their mailing list. Group meets once in a week and there are lot of experienced knitters who help new hobbyist learn new techniques or help sort out mistakes. I am not a regular visitor but I do go meet them once in a while. One great thing about this group is that they make chemo hats every year as community service and donate any organization like Knots Of Love. I love participating in these events. See if you have a drop off location near you for any of the organization that accept Chemo hats or any other knitted or crocheted goodies. You can check some of the organizations here who accept knitted or c…

RataLyacha Khees

RataLe - Japanese Sweet Potatoes
Khees - Grated

Sweet Potatoes, yams, multiple types of potatoes available in this country used to be extremely confusing for me. Initially I must have spent almost 30 minutes around the potato bin to find the sweet potatoes(that I knew) almost on all the grocery trips. Then I just gave up and stopped buying them altogether as they are humongous in size and turned really pasty/mushy when I cooked them. They were not sweet and I just did not care for them after number of tries. I did manage to make this RataLyacha Khees with orange versions or yam and sweet potatoes and that was okay but in general could get acquainted with the taste or the texture.

Fast Forward about a year and I found 'the sweet potatoes' in farmers market just like the ones we get in India! They are known as Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They are small, purple skinned, pale white flesh inside, fibrous, sweet and very flavorful in general. These show up in market seasonally and I e…


Rice kheer used to be my favorite kheer. One of my aunt makes it the best. I used to be very cream perfectly sweetened and just enough saffron and cardamom. I have tried reproducing it never comes out the way my aunt's.
Recently we friends did a Punjabi themed potluck dinner. I decided to make parathas and dessert. My initial thought was to make Gajar Ka Halwa. That would have been very typical but I did not go the 'typical' route. I asked a Punjabi friend whether Phirni counts as a Punjabi dessert and she said yes. So I decided to make Phirni. To keep it simple I decided to only use saffron and then garnish with nuts. I find making phirni is extremely easy if you do not mind constant stirring. You can make it ahead of time and can be served in individual kulhads or everyone can take as much as they want from big serving bowl.

(Recipe is adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor)

6tbsp Basmati
5 cups Fat Free Milk (0%)
2 cups Reduced Fat Milk (2%)
1/2 cup sugar
Few Strands of Saffron


Western Maharashtrian Thalis - Guest post for Sailu's Kitchen

Sailaja of Sailu's kitchen asked me to write another article about the Western Maharashtrian food that I grew up with. This cuisine is very dear to my heart and my daily cooking is still based on the recipes from this region.

Clockwise from top - Matakichi Amati, Dry Zunaka, Jwarichi Bhakari, Mirachiche Lonache (Chili Pickle), Koshimbir, Dollop of Home Churned Butter
Read more on Sailu's kitchen

Khandeshi Style Buttermilk Kadhi

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

Buttermilk kadhi is a made all over India and all the regions have their own way of making it. Maharashtrian kadhi has fresh coconut, ginger, garlic and turmeric powder is used in tempering.  Punjabi kadhi has pakodas or fritters and has bit of thick consistency. Gujarati kadhi is sweeter and flavored with cinnamon, cloves. Kadhi from Karnataka is somewhat similar to Maharashtrian style but sometimes made with snake gourd or okra.

 Khandeshi kadhi is very different that all these varieties. Even though Khandesh is part of Maharashtra, the kadhi is made bit differently. Traditionally, ginger, garlic and green chilies are roughly ground together and mixed with ghee. Kadhi is made in earthen pot. And tempering is made with live coal. The ghee-masala ball is carefully put over live call and as ghee starts melting, lichen, mustard seeds and cumin seeds added. Once mustard seeds start spluttering, everything including coal is poured in boiling kadhi.

This kadhi is …

खानदेशी कढी

(Link to English Recipe)

कढी म्हणजे किती प्रकार होतात ना आपली नेहेमीची आले-लसूण-मिरची वाटून लावलेली कधीतरी खोबरे घातलेली. पंजाबी कढी म्हणजे मस्तपैकी पकोडे तळून घातलेली. गुजराती कढी म्हणजे थोडी गोडसर आणि लसूण वगैरे न घालता दालचिनी, लवंगा घालून केलेली. तामिळनाडूमधे केलेली कढी म्हणजे तूरडाळ-तांदूळ-धने वाटून लावून केलेली. कर्नाटकातली कढी साधारण महाराष्ट्रातल्या सारखीच पण कधी पडवळ  तर कधी भेंडी घालून केलेली!

यात आता अजून एक कढीचा प्रकार म्हणजे खानदेशी कढी. आता खानदेश आहे महाराष्ट्रात पण त्यांची कढी करायची पद्धत आहे थोडीशी वेगळी. लसूण-मिरची-आले एकत्र करून तो गोळा घट्ट तुपात मिसळतात. हा तूप-मसाल्याचा गोळा तयार होता तो, थोडे दगडफूल आणि कढीपत्ता असे सगळे एका वाटीत घेतात. लहान कोळश्याचा तुकडा लाल होईपर्यंत फुलवतात. आणि लाल फुललेल्या कोळश्याच्या निखाऱ्यावर तूप-मसाल्याचे मिश्रण घालून त्याची फोडणी करतात. आणि हे सगळे केले जाते मातीच्या मडक्यात! कोळसा, मडके, दगडफूल या सगळ्याची एकत्र चव जी काय लागते ती एकदम कमाल असते.

ही कढी बरेचदा फुनके किंवा वाफोल्यांबरोबर केली जाते. खानदेशातला हा एक माझा आवडता…

Indian Style Seven Layer Dip: Dabeli Dip

Quilting is something on my bucket list to learn for a very long time. The urge surfaced again when I saw Nupur's quilting posts and at the same time my best friend Ash also started learning and made a nice wall hanging. I decided that I will complete all the projects I have undertaken and then go learn quilting. But that changed recently very dramatically.

Here is a little background, I had gotten this nice Rajai from India but cotton filing started gathering and within a month the quilt turned into big blob of cotton and of course unusable!!! I started the restoration project by removing all the cotton, and separating both the sides carefully. I also bought nice batting from fabric store. And then started putting everything together in a hope that I will make a nice quilt and use it! But it turned out to be the most time consuming project I had undertaken in a while. On and off I was working on it for past few years but it was nowhere to close to finishing. Recently, I was giv…

Kanda Lasun Masala

Onion-Garlic-Masala a.k.a. MisaLaleli Chutney

This is actually known as MisaLaleli(mixed) Chutney in Satara-Kolhapur-Sangli-Solapur region. Everyone I know makes supply that lasts for 6 months to a year. It is a very labor intensive job but saves time in daily cooking. Usually this is done just after Diwali taking advantage of October heat or in summer before Monsoon starts.

Process starts with getting masala ingredients needed for garam masala and dried red chilies. I have given almost whole procedure when wrote the garam masala recipe. Red chilies are spread on polythene sheet or bed sheet in the sun for a day or two then stems are removed by hand. This should be done while chilies are crispy. Sometimes chilies break and seeds come out. These seeds are collected separately. Even though seeds bring needed spice to the whole masala, it also makes color of the whole chutney little lighter. To avoid that spicier variety of chili is used. My mom likes to use Sankeshwari and Byadagi varie…

Godi Batati Rassa

Godi - Sweet
Batati - Potatoes
Rassa - With gravy

This is a recipe from a community called Pathare Prabhu, they are originally from Mumbai. I first had heard about this dish in P. L. Deshpande's Bhraman Mandal. I did not know the recipe and did not know anyone who can share authentic recipe. I have read various renditions claiming the original but I was not convinced. A friend gave me a packet of Pathare Prabhu Masala during recent India trip. And that made me look for more authentic recipes to use up the big packet. I tried it as normal garam masala once but I really wanted to use it in the authentic recipes. My quest took me to a very nice series of videos by Mrs. Kalpana Talpade. The videos are homemade without any professional editing or even any fancy equipment. And that attracted me more to the recipes. I have made Godi Batati Rassa multiple times and now I have bookmarked Ananasache Sambare and Kobiche Bhanole. I enjoyed her video series so much that, I got in touch with h…

Oilfree, Quick and Easy Chhole

After my 10th grade exams, I had visited my uncle in Mumbai and their neighbor was Punjabi family. Neighbor aunty always shared whatever she cooked that day with us. That was my first introduction to home made Punjabi food. I don't even remember if we had any Punjabi restaurants in our town at the time. So I did not have any taste references to any of the things I had during that stay. I remembering eating chhole, rajma, maa-ki-daal. And that was the first time I had chana daal as made as daal. For Maharastrian me, that was non-heard of! We always made toor daal and chana daal was used for puran poli or kairichi daal etc. I returned home from that vacation armed with rajma, chhole and few more recipes.

Chhole was the first Punjabi 'dish' I cooked. I remember I was so particular about the amount of tomatoes, onion, garlic etc. I had gone to various shops to get aamchur powder as I wanted it come out perfect! We did not have tea bag at home so I wanted to buy 'Wah! Taj …

Shepuchi Bhaji: Dill - Pumpkin Leaves Bhaji

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

My mom makes this bhaji on 3rd day of Ganesh Utsav (Ganesh Chaturth) to celebrate arrival of  Goddess Gauri. It is believed that you offer simple light meal on the first day of Gauri puja and make full meal of Puran Poli, batata Bhaji, Varan-Bhat, Koshimbeer on the second day of Gauri's arrival. Third and the last day, my mom usually makes simple dahi-bhat (yogurt rice) for the offering.

Here is very simple recipe from my mom -

1 bunch of Dill
4-5 Tender Pumpkin Leaves
2-3 Green Chillies (Adjust according to taste)
3-4 cloves of Garlic
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Oil
2-3 tbsp Toor Daal
2-3 tbsp Rice
Salt per taste 

Preparation -
Clean dill, take only tender leaves and stems. Wash thoroughly and chop into fine dice.
Remove veins from back of pumpkin leaves, wash and chop into fine dice.
Grind garlic and chilies together.
Mix toor daal and rice together in a big enough vessel that can fit in the pressure cooker. Wash and drain all the water.
Add half of chop…

Makyachya KaNasacha Upama

Fresh Corn Upama

Almost all of us have memory of eating fire roasted corn, bhutta, during monsoon season. Perfectly roasted corn seasoned with right amount of chili powder, salt and lime juice makes it must have for almost everyone! Surprisingly, we did not have street vendors selling these snacks in our town. Everyone roasted their own whenever fresh corn is available. I remember my mom used to roast them on the gas stove for me and my brother as after school snack. She used to use butter or ghee with salt and little bit of chili powder to coat the corn. Ah! the aroma and flavor!!

The recipe I am going to share today is called makyachya kaNasacha chivada (fresh corn chivda) at my place. It is because of the firmer texture of grain of Indian corn. It is not as sweet as American corn either,  that makes this dish look very much like chivada. American corn is very creamy so the texture changes and becomes more like porridge so I started calling it upama. I love both the versions. It is…

Zucchini Paratha

'When it rains, it pours' - this idiom is literally true for zucchinis in summer. Once the plant established well, yield is very steady through out the summer. I once went through the trouble of distributing zucchinis to friends etc and then decided not to plant them. It is just too much!!! Now a days I am at the receiving end so I get to try various recipes. One another favorite recipe from last year is vegan zucchini cake.

People in India who grow Ghosavale / Turai / Gilake / Luffa can totally relate to this. I remember my mom once. just once, planted two seeds for luffa and we ate that sabji almost every alternate day! Later my brother and I just refused to eat! Next year the vines came back from the dropped seeds from previous year, repeating experience. I have not heard about it from mom in past couple of years, so I am assuming plant is no longer thriving in our backyard in India.

I have been making these zucchini parathas for years now but never thought of sharing. Rec…

Kobichi Bhaji

Kobi - Cabbage

Cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, large eggplants are very common vegetables cooked when one first lands from India. Gradually trying to experiment with other greens like chard and kale and moving to fresh local vegetables from farmers markets. I am no different here! I now go to farmers market and occassionally go to traditional grocery stores for my weekly fix of vegetables. But there was a time when I did not know about farmers markets and I survived mostly on mentioned vegetables for months.

My mom makes cabbage bhaji with soaked chana daal and my grandma makes it with fresh green peas. I like both the versions but prefer peas version. It is easier to get frozen peas than in India so I often use that. This is a traditional recipe from Maharashtra.

4-5 cups of Chopped cabbage (approximately 1/2 lb)
1/2 cup Green Peas (I use frozen)
3-4 Green Chilies
2-3 tbsp Oil
Salt per taste
1/2 tsp Sugar
1-2 tbsp Grated Fresh Coconut (or frozen)
1-2 tbsp Chopped Cilantro
For Te…

Belated Bloggiversary with Vegan Chocalate Chip Cookies

I started this blog six years ago on Gudhi Padava with the hope that I will write down few things I know. There was and still is no specific format or agenda on my mind when I write. I do not cook for the blog nor I cook because I want to share something. Quick and simple homely meals are my favorites. I try out nce new recipes from various blogs or from books. I do spend more time in kitchen during weekends and that is when I experiment more with new things.

My cousin and his family visited me last month for few days. I was meeting him after 5+ years.They were planning to visit national parks and such during their visit. I decided to take this opportunity to make chocolate chip cookies for my nephew. I have bookmarked so many recipes and got very confused with what should I make. Then I looked into my pantry and decided to go with the recipe from Hell Yeah It's Vegan as I had everything needed for these cookies. It turned out to be really good. I made half batch chewy and half b…

Sprouted Red Cow Peas with Koli Masala

I love searching for new masalas to make or buy. India trips present better opportunities to do so. In the recent past my trips tend to go by so quickly that I hardly get any time to learn something or go shopping for masalas or lentils or other goodies. But I am very fortunate to get some great goodies from my friends. Last year ET went to India and met few fellow bloggers. During that visit, Anjali shared traditional Koli Masala with her. And ET generously shared that with us here!! It was my first time using Koli Masala, bright red color and very very flavorful. I fell in love with the taste. I made Cauliflower-Batata Rassa bhaji, tikhat moog daal. Next on the list to try was - Vaalache Birade. But winter is not a great season for sprouting lentils. I make only lentil and moong sprouts during winter. Kadave Vaal is a rare commodity for us, so I sprout them only when there is 100% chance of success. Anjali has mentioned in the comments that the recipe can be used to make any lentil…

Methi Pulav

Our farmers markets are showcasing fresh methi greens for past few weeks. I want to make everything at the same time when I see fresh methi. Good thing is methi season lasts about 4-6 weeks and I get enough to make everything possible..
I love methi pithale the most, then comes everything else, daal methi, methi matar malai, Khandeshi style methichi bhaji, methiche alaN, methi times three, methiche thepale. And my recent favorite Methi Rice or Methi Pulav. I learned this from a friend few years ago and made it couple of times back then. It somehow went off my mind until recently. So in last couple of weeks I have made it 3-4 times with rice and with quinoa. It is a very quick satiating dish that does not take long to make and does not need anything special that you cant find in an Indian Pantry. I have made it in rice cooker and on stove top. Few years ago a friend gave me a quick tip on making nice and fluffy, non sticky rice in just 20-25 min on stove top! I am going to share that …

ब्रोकोलीची भाजी

ही माझ्या मैत्रिणीची, सपनाची, रेसिपी आहे. करायला अगदी सोपी आहे आणि अतिशय सुंदर लागते.

पाव किलो (१/२ पाऊंड) ब्रोकोली
१ लहान कांदा
१-२ हिरव्या मिरच्या (आवडीप्रमाणे कमी जास्त)
३ टीस्पून उडदाची डाळ
१ टेबलस्पून तेल
चवीप्रमाणे मीठ

कृती - 
ब्रोकोलीचे तुरे काढून घ्यावेत. दांडे कोवळे असतील तर साधारण १/२" जाडीचे तुकडे करून घ्यावेत.
कांदा बारीक चिरुन घ्यावा.
मिरच्यांचे उभे २-२ तुकडे करून घ्यावेत.

तेल तापवायला ठेवून त्यात उडीदडाळ घालून गुलबट रंगावर परतावी.
त्यात मिरच्या घालून किंचीत परताव्यात. बारीक चिरलेला कांदा नीट गुलबट रंगावर परतून घ्यावा.
त्यात आता ब्रोकोली घालून नीट परतावे. मीठ घालून हलवावे.
गॅस मंद करून झाकण घालून एक वाफ काढावी.
एकदा नीट मिसळून मग कढई गॅसवरून खाली उतरावी.

टिपा -
ब्रोकोली अगदी किंचीतच शिजू द्यावी. जास्ती शिजवल्यास अजिबात चांगले लागत नाही.यात उडीदडाळ जास्त वापरायची आहे. डाळीची चव ब्रोकोलीबरोबर एकदम मस्त वाटते.आवडत असेल तर किंचीत सांबार मसाला भुरभुरावा. 

Vegan Zucchini Cake

Spring is here, well almost! All the gardener friends have already started growing saplings from seeds. Lazy people like me, are still deciding what should we plant this year and putting off garden work for next w/e for past month. The saplings will eventually go in the prepared garden bed, and will start growing in no time! And vegetables like tomatoes and zucchini will start producing so much that you can feed army! And soon I will be looking for recipes to use up all that produce.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are easy to use, so are some other vegetables like eggplants and bell peppers. Vegetable like zucchini just grows like weed! It outgrows your consumption capacity, your friend's and sometimes your complete neighborhood's consumption capacity!! And in that case, you need few things that can take enormous amount of zucchini. I make few other things with zucchini. I will share those recipes eventually. The cake I am going to share today is one such thing. Recipe was originally…

मुळ्याच्या पानांची भाजी

पांढर्‍या मुळ्याच्या कोवळ्या पानांची भाजी अप्रतीम लागते. आणि करायला एकदम सोपी आहे. इथे फार्मर्स मार्केट मध्ये खूप लोक मुळा घेतात पण पाने नको म्हणुन भाजिवाल्याकडेच टाकून जातात. ते शेतकरी मग माझ्यासारखीने विचारले कि लगेच ढिग पिशवीत घालून देऊन टाकतात. ही भाजी बरीच चोरटी होते म्हणजे भाजीचा ढीग दिसला तरी शिजवून  भाजी अगदी एवढीशीच होते.

मुळ्याचा पाला १ पेंडी (साधारण ४-५ मुळ्यांचा कोवळा पाला)
१/४ कप हरभरा डाळ
१ लहान लाल कांदा
३-४ लहान लसूण पाकळ्या
कांदा लसूण मसाला चवीप्रमाणे
मीठ चवीप्रमाणे
२ टेबलस्पून दाण्याचे कूट
२-३ टेबलस्पून तेल
नेहेमीचे फोडणीचे साहित्य - जिरे, मोहोरी, हिंग, हळद

कृती -
हरबरा डाळ साधारण १ तासभर भिजत घालावी. पटकन करायची असेल तर थोडी शिजवून घ्यावी.
पांढर्‍या मुळ्याचा पाला निवडून त्याचा कोवळा कोवळा पाला फक्त घ्यावा. मधला दांडा काढुन फेका, फक्त हिरवी पाने पाने घ्या.
स्वच्छ धुवुन पाला चिरुन घ्यावा.
कांदा मोठा चिरुन ठेवावा. लसूण मोठा ठेचून घ्यावा.
कढईत तेल तापवून त्याची नेहेमीप्रमाणे फोडणी करावी. फोडणीत ठेचलेला लसूण आणि कांदा घालून सोनेरी रंगावर परतावे.
त्यात भिजवलेली डाळ पाणी क…

बटाट्याच्या काचर्‍या

(Link to English Recipe)

बटाट्याच्या काचर्‍या हा अगदी झटपट होणारी भाजी आहे. फक्त बटाटे आणि तिखट मीठ, थोडे तेल येवढेच लागणारे - येवढ्यातच तयार होणारा हा चविष्ट पदार्थ.

३-४ बटाटे
२ टेस्पून तेल
फोडणीसाठी - जिरे, मोहरी, हळद, हिंग
चवीप्रमाणे मीठ आणि लाल तिखट

कृती - 
बटाट्याच्या साली काढाव्यात.
प्रत्येक बटाट्याचे ४ भाग करुन पातळ कापावेत आणि पाण्यात घालावेत.
जाड बुडाचे पातेले, लोखंडाचे असेल तर उत्तम, तेल घालून तापायला ठेवावे जिरे-मोहरी-हिंग-हळद घालून नेहेमीप्रमाणे फोडणी करावी.
बटाट्याचे काप निथळून तेलावर ३-४ मिनिटे परतावेत. आच मध्यम करून झाकून ठेवावेत. साधारण २-३ मिनिटांनी परत
बटाटे अर्धवट शिजले असतील तर मीठ आणि तिखट घालावे. व्यवस्थित परतून परत एकदा झाकण लावून बटाटे पूर्ण शिजू द्यावेत.
गरम गरम पोळी आणि लोणच्याबरोबर फस्त करावेत.

टीपा - 
मी यात थोडेसे दाण्याचे कूट घालते. कधी कधी तिखटऐवजी थोडा दाबेली मसाला घालून ही भाजी करते. ते अप्रतीम लागते. ही भाजी, टोमॅटो, काकडी, हिरवी चटणी घालून sandwiches करते ते मस्त पोटभरीचे होतात. 

Batatyachya Kacharya

(Link to Marathi Recipe)
Stir Fried Potatoes

Last weekend I was too bored to go out for lunch and equally bored to cook anything elaborate. I was debating between making daal-chaval or just make Upama for lunch and that is when I realized I have enough chapatis for lunch. The fridge was empty, no vegetable, no curry leaves or even green chilies!! But I had few potatoes in the pantry that came to rescue me! I decided to make Batatyachya Kacharya! It is the most simple dish to make and turns out best when made in cast iron pan. Potatoes cook evenly in the cast iron pan and even make them crisp if roasted on low heat for longer time. This basic minimalistic dish is very traditional and made in various forms all over India.

Let's see how it is made -

3-4 medium White Potatoes
2 tbsp Oil
Tempering - Cumin seeds, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Hing, Methi Seeds
Salt per taste
Red Chili Powder to taste

Preparation -
Peel potatoes, cut in quarters. Then slice these quarters as thin as po…

ताकातला पालक

(Link to English Recipe)
माझा ९०% स्वयंपाक व्हेगन असतो, जवळपास बराच महाराष्ट्रीयन स्वयंपाक तसा असतो असे म्हटले तर अतिशयोक्ती होऊ नये. पण एखादे वेळी कढी खिचडी, एखादे वेळी दह्यातली कोशिंबीर केली जाते. भारतात असाल तर त्यात ताजे ताक आणि भाकरीबरोबर लोण्याचा गोळा हे जास्तीचे आले. तर आजची ताकातला पालक अशीच एक कधीतरी केली जाणारी non -vegan  भाजी. मम्मी नेहेमी चाकवताची करते पण इथे ती भाजी कुठे मिळायला!!! मग आहेच पालक आपल्या हाताशी मग करा त्याचेच!

५-६ कप पालक (फक्त पाने आणि कोवळे दांडे)
३/४ कप दही
२ टेस्पून बेसन
१.५ टीस्पून गोडा मसाला
१. टीस्पून लाल तिखट (आवडीप्रमाणे कमी जास्त करा)
लहान एक तुकडा गूळ
२ टेस्पून तेल
फोडणीचे साहित्य - जिरे, मोहरी, हिंग, हळद, कढीपत्ता
२-३ कप पाणी लागेल तसे
३-४ पाकळ्या लसूण
२-३ लाल मिरच्या (कमी तिखट)

कृती -
दह्यात पाणी घालून घुसळून टाक करावे. त्यात बेसन कालवून गुठळ्या काढाव्यात.
पालक स्वच्छ धुवून चिरावा.
जाड बुडाच्या पातेल्यात १ टीस्पून तेल तेल तापवावे. त्यात पालक घालून नीट परतावा. थोडे मीठ घातले की भाजी खाली बसते आणि परतणे सोपे जाते.
थोडावेळ शिजले की त्यात तिखट, मी…